“To fight the tiger mosquito, the right gestures are essential” – Medialot

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Gardens invaded at a time of appetizing, especially unpleasant stings. The tiger mosquito is more present than ever in Lot: in Cahors, Pradens, Vigeac, Souillac … The Regional Health Agency commissioned the Analytical Laboratory in the departments, General Laboratories, to monitor the tiger mosquito.

Emmanuel Esposito, General Manager of Hulk, and Nelly Thomas, an animal health technician and tiger mosquito auditor, assess the situation. “The tiger mosquito appeared in the lot in 2015. Today it has been detected with a confirmed presence in 70 municipalities or 22% of 313 municipalities, but this represents 98,745 inhabitants out of a total of 173,922 inhabitants. It does not mean that it cannot be located elsewhere. It is very invasive , like other species, but also potentially carriers of transmissible diseases: dengue, Zika, chikungunya … It is a mosquito spread by human activity … It is well adapted. The question is how do we take this issue into account with themes of water restoration and planning Urban?” They explain before giving advice to fight this mosquito that is now part of our daily lives: “We can only limit its presence … There is a site https://signalement-moustique.anses.fr/signalement_albopictus/ This allows you to indicate that you are in a municipality that is not yet listed. Then we call people to explain to them the correct gestures. We can also tell people about an already colony municipality. Our advice is for individuals but also for communities. The tiger mosquito develops in stagnant water reserves: watersheds, manholes, cups in cemeteries, tarpaulins, flower pots with water reserves … An empty can, an abandoned plastic bag, suffices. … Mosquitoes have an aquatic stage of development (larvae and nymphs) for at least 7 days. Each mosquito, with a life expectancy of 3 weeks, lays up to 100 eggs per clutch. It flows with the water line … For the water collector, you can put a mosquito net or a very thin curtain on the water’s edge. It is necessary to empty saucers into flower pots or fill them with sand, and regularly remove or empty small containers that can hold water in gardens … For animal containers, it is necessary to change the water often and clean the container because they can lay eggs on it … “And in conclusion :” To fight the tiger mosquito, the right measures are essential. It is a collective problem because the tiger mosquito does not know the boundaries of ownership and can move within a radius of 150 m – 200 m. message received.

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