Does volumetric memory still have a benefit and future?

Does volumetric memory still have a benefit and future?

Training with our first cousins

In Germany too, the level of knowledge and training of young people is a hot topic. In the article: Opportunities: Education and Training, Edith Schultz and Erin Mack provide an overview of debates and reforms implemented, as well as innovations and trends, in training and during studies.

Does technology control us?

Technology undoubtedly helps humanity. But the question arises: Do we lose our independence because of this?

This philosophical question is of great interest to thinkers of our time. For many of them, the machine already has a significant influence on our actions and morals.

The sensitive question of school boredom

Boredom, a banned word in the French school system. So when the Minister of Education uses it, the education world gets upset. However, boredom at school is not new, and this phenomenon is not about to disappear. Is France ready to deal with the issue of boredom?

Seeds and common goods?

More specifically, are the seeds used by farmers considered part of “All resources, whether physical or not, are subject to collective ownership, use and exploitation“That means in the public domain?

What is the educational model for mobile learning?

Laptops are at the heart of the educational and marketing revolution. What educational models do these applications convey? Teaching methods, social learning, hands-on or project learning, this article provides a quick review of the educational capabilities of laptops.

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