Discover the secrets of Windows 11 23H2: the five notable new features

Discover the secrets of Windows 11 23H2: the five notable new features

Windows 11 Feature Update 23H2 is available for download. The operating system is intended for all eligible Windows computers that are not affected by the three known bugs.

This update is also known as Windows 11 Update 2023. It only introduces some new features, although the basics were published by Moment 4.

Windows 11 23H2, new features

Perhaps the most notable fact is related to the features of artificial intelligence. These first steps in a still unknown field are provided by Copilot. It is an AI assistant powered by GPT-4. Its strength is to be available directly in the operating system.

The second new feature targets taskbar content. The chat app is replaced by the Teams client. It takes the form of an icon pinned to the taskbar by default.

The settings also benefit from some tweaks with the evolution of the Battery and Power section. Power management information is available while Windows 11 can generate a comprehensive report containing data about the computer’s power consumption. It is also possible to follow developments over the past 24 hours and the week, and monitor the consumption of each application. For its part, the “Dynamic Lighting” section displays RGB lighting control.

Finally, the system supports new file compression formats such as .rar, .7z, .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.zst, .tar.xz, .tgz, .tbz2, .tzst, and .txz.

To install Windows 11 23H2, you must go to Windows Update to begin the download and installation.

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