Discover the Coupe du Cher quarter-final posters

Discover the Coupe du Cher quarter-final posters

The draw for the various divisional cups was held on Thursday evening in Vierzon.

Sher Cup quarter-final matches on March 3

Saint-Germain (Part 3) – Saint-Dolchard (Part 1)
Verizon Chaillot (D1) – Troy (R2)
Lori/Miro (D1) – Borg Mollon B (R2)
Bourges Gazelles (R3) – Portuguese de Bourges (R3)

Marc Gueretat Cup (consolation), quarter-finals, matches on 3 March

Blimbid – Nankai/Novi
La Septin – Alois
Liri – Le Subdry
Marman/Berry Boy – Colombers

Robert Feigenblum Cup (reserves), quarter-finals, matches 3 March

Orval / Saint Amand – Portuguese de Mehun
FC Val de Loire – Portuguese Borg
Saint-Germain-du-Puy – Bourg-Moulon
Borg Gazelec – C2L Foot

– Gerard Pichonnat Cup (U18), second round on February 24

Vierzon FC – Loire/Val Dubois
Bourges Gazelles – Troyes or Portuguese de Mehun
Saint-Florent – Masai
Portuguese Bourges – Bourges Foot 18

Michel Bellaches Cup (U15) Second round matches February 24

Saint Dolchard – Aford/La Septine
Young Boashut – Al Wefaq Sher Nord
VFC Chaillot Agreement – ​​Vierzon FC
AS Chapeloise – Troyes
Henrichmont/Minetou – Bourget Foot 18
Saint-Germain / Saint-Solange – Saint-Florent
Don Sur Oron – Portuguese from Bourges
Portuguese de Mehon – Bourget Molon

U-15 Consolation Cup, first round, February 24

Lori/Merio – Young Teres Vives
Borg Sud Agreement – ​​C2L Foot

The other six participants are exempt

Yves Jacquet Cup (Veterans), quarter-finals on Friday, March 1
Lunnerie/Rosière – Mehun-sur-Yèvre
Bourg Moulon-Ruilly
Vignoux – Portuguese from Bourges
Henrichmont/Mineto/Barassi – Los Angeles 70th

Marcel Arvis Challenge (11 women), Sunday, March 3

Bourget Foot 18 – Vierzon/Ruilly

(The others are examples)

Challenge Jean-Pierre Simier (8 women), quarter-finals on March 3
Soulanges – Portuguese from Bourges
Troy – Verizon Chaillot
Portuguese Mehun – Saint Helier / Vigno

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The strict judges' agreement – the Charenton/Orval agreement

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