USA: Killer judge prepares to leave prison after killing her two sons

USA: Killer judge prepares to leave prison after killing her two sons

A 52-year-old American woman believes she has served enough time in prison for the 1994 murder of her two young sons, even though she is currently involved in some rather controversial activities.

Susan Smith's first parole hearing will be held on November 4 after nearly 30 years behind bars.

Smith was a 22-year-old mother of two when she decided to drive her car into Lake John D. Long in Union County, South Carolina, with her sons, Michael, 3, and Alexander, 14 months.

She remained on the edge of the lake watching the car sink to the bottom of the water, drowning her children. The woman allegedly did this because she was in a relationship with a wealthy man who did not want to have children.

According to family sources and South Carolina prison call recordings reviewed by New York PostThe 52-year-old woman works hard to find “sugar daddies” who are willing to finance her life abroad.

The prisoner even makes pink phone calls to several men in order to attract them. In the past three years, she is alleged to have had romantic and sexual conversations with dozens of men.

She is unlikely to succeed in getting parole on her first try, and may never succeed, according to many experts.

Smith was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years, avoiding the death penalty.

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