Dijon: Cap Santé, a gym for adapted physical activity

Dijon: Cap Santé, a gym for adapted physical activity

Cap Santé, the first health gym in Dijon, is a unique place where people can engage in physical activity adapted to their diseases and abilities, but not only that.

Meeting with founders Clément Debret and Mathieu Jarrow.

During the back-to-school period, everyone tries to make some good decisions, especially regarding sports, just like at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, fitness center managers admit to seeing the number of members increase in September and January. Then, more often than not, the incentive decreases as subscriptions continue to run.

True follow-up may allow some people to continue over time, gaining weight for a longer period of time and running on the treadmill for a few more months, thus becoming addicted to the sport.

The ideal situation is to be able to benefit from one-to-one support in a safe and friendly setting. In Dijon there is this room, it is Cap Santé.

A room recognized by health professionals

Cap Santé is a 160 square meter room located on Rue Metz in Dijon. The Chamber was opened in 2018, and Clément Despres and Mathieu Jarraud, founders of the Chamber, realize that “it was necessary to convince financial organizations that a Chamber that combines sports and health could establish itself in Dijon. We did not have significant financial resources to launch large communication campaigns. We We spread word of mouth to prove that our concept was suitable for people and effective.Today we have very good feedback, especially from doctors and physiotherapists in Dijon and of course from our members.

Exercising with a prescription

Clement Debret :”This is what sets us apart from other gyms. We welcome the public who suffer from illnesses, those who leave the rehabilitation center, on the advice of a doctor, but also people who want to exercise in a supervised way but not necessarily with a prescription. This is also about With motivated people who don’t dare cross the threshold of the gym because of looks or judgement.

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“At Cap Santé, there is no judgement.”

“In our house there are no mirrors and no TV, just a little background music. Our members range in age from 14 to 92 with a social mix ranging from an active 40-year-old to an older person with balance issues. This is what makes our room Very rich, with imposed familiarity, all in a family atmosphere.At Cap Santé, there is no judgement.

Suitable programme

“When you first come, we assess your physical condition together, see what your goals are, and then you carry out physical tests, endurance, strength and flexibility. The goal is to build a personalized programme, depending on the instructions of your doctor or physiotherapist, where possible. A program that you will find every time you visit “gym”

Sports for all types of diseases

“Among our members are people undergoing cancer or post-cancer treatment, others with lower back pain, respiratory or heart failure, or overweight or obesity. We also have people with depression or heart attack victims, but we also have injured athletes undergoing For rehabilitation. Every person is unique and we create a personalized program. Then members come into the room, but only by appointment in order to get a real follow-up.

Qualified teachers in health-compatible physical activity

“Another difference from many gyms in Dijon is our rules. We all followed the same course offered at the university with a license and a master’s degree in physical activity and health. Mathieu and I are graduates of UFR Staps in Dijon and specialists from APAS. This is essential so that we can supervise People affected by different diseases such as lower back pain or even heart problems. It is necessary to know these diseases so that you can create a program that adapts to each of them in order to obtain the expected results.

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Norbert Banchet

Practical information

Cap Santé, 38 rue de Metz in Dijon is only open on weekday mornings from 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 8pm Monday to Thursday and 4pm to 8pm on Friday.
Phone: 09 51 51 52 40.
Cap Santé is also present on all social networks and on the website: capsante-dijon.fr

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