Despite the failure of Redfall, Xbox intends to support Arkane Austin| Xbox One

Despite the failure of Redfall, Xbox intends to support Arkane Austin|  Xbox One

Launching Redfall wasn’t a cakewalk for anyone. While the first update was released at the beginning of the week, many players are concerned about the studio’s future, and in particular fear its closure.

Arkane Austin is still open

In an interview given to
Matt Booty was asked about the subject and first explained that Microsoft should have done a better job with Arkane Austin, particularly in giving clear direction to the project.

If a game is a flop, Booty explains that it’s still “playing well” via Xbox Game Pass, and that it’s now important to support teams so they can “continue working to deliver the game they want.” had in mind.’

And on the question of whether the studio will remain open despite the welcome from the players, he replied:

This is what is planned now. They are working hard on Redfall updates and content.

If this answer is somewhat reassuring, it may also indicate that the studio is in a straitjacket and may be threatened if it can’t recover.

We obviously hope that things will improve quickly for Arkane Austin and Redfall, which received a large patch patch of several tens of gigabytes at the beginning of the week, details of which can be found in this address.

If you are not familiar with the game, it is now playable on Xbox Series X | S and PC, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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