Clay Demons: Review

Clay Damon

- Exit date: 09/21/2022
- original title: Operating system demnios do meu av
- movie length: 1:30 am.
- Director: Nono Beto
- Script book: Posideno Kashaba, Cristina Pinheiro
- VO performer: Victeria Guerra, Antonio Doris, Nuno Lopez, Ana Sofia Martins, Celso Pogalo, Joe Tempera
- VF Performers: Chad Sauvage, Pierre Richard, Solima Arabi, Noam Dubois, Mathieu Erhard, Florent Chacou, Jean-Yves Lesonnet, Cedric Carlier, Myriam Ehrlich


We often don’t get the chance to discover a Portuguese animated film. Also, you shouldn’t really miss this clay demonsAll are original.

The script by Posideno Cachaba and Cristina Pinheiro presents a young woman returning to the village where her grandfather lived and raised. After the death of the latter, you will then discover the amazing treasure hunt that will prompt him to fix the mistakes he made during his life.

The title of the film alludes to the clay dolls made by villagers in the Trs-os-Montes and Alto Douro region in northern Portugal. Grandfather made him his passion and thus like all the people he met. It is the clay and its color that give the background color to the game in the village.

In fact, two completely different types of animation are used during the story. It is a traditional 2D animation that unfolds to represent the life of a young woman in the city. Choosing not to use storytelling and focusing on cool, somewhat faded colors creates a great contrast to the rural village where most of the story takes place.

Especially since everything that happens in this place and its surroundings is represented thanks to the great Stop Motion feature. This allows the village and its many characters to live. It also provides the opportunity to watch amazing sequences based on nature and plants that we don’t often see in stages in Stop Motion.

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The French dubbing is very beautiful and gives a real personality to the various heroes. Especially since the latter is intriguing, especially the main quest which we pursue with great pleasure in this amazing endeavour of remembrance and introspection.

The business is full of innovation and presents many twists and turns that always keep interest. If young children can get close to it, adults will be delighted to discover this fascinating story that also raises questions about the importance of our choices.

The story shows a sharp opposition between city and country. It also introduces a different time that affects the development of the main character. In fact, the latter is a hard-working young woman obsessed with success who discovers in her childhood home another way to perceive her existence and see things while taking the time to appreciate them.

Also, the animation is great. It’s so easy to let yourself marvel at the lovable character’s slice of life. So we are saddened by the loss that he touched so closely. We rejoice in these pleasures. We marvel at his discoveries.

clay demons A great animated movie that offers a solo story, moving characters and making use of beautiful animation. So don’t miss out on this unusual action that warms the heart and provides a great moment of entertainment.

Original and captivating.


Rosa is a brilliant businesswoman. The sudden death of her grandfather who raised her, and the guilt that stirs her up brings her back to the home she grew up in. Through a series of letters and clues, she discovers that he has assigned her an important task to accomplish. As she corrects her grandfather’s mistakes in the past, she manages to calm down.

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technical card

- Photography : Celia Benavent Catala
- crowd: Aurora Soleil
- Music : Gaiteiros de Lisboa, Carlos Guerreiro, Manuel Riveiro
- Producer: Nuno Beto, Diogo Carvalho, Carlos Juarez, Exos Zapata, Emmanuel Kelet, Martin Vidalinc for Sardinha im Lata, Caritos Films, Basque Films,


- distributor: General cinematography


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