Diet, exercise, stress… How to reduce rheumatism

Diet, exercise, stress… How to reduce rheumatism

Rheumatism is characterized by chronic pain, inflammation, and joint pain, and can lead to severe functional disabilities if left untreated. Common forms of osteoarthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even spondyloarthritis. According to the IFOP survey conducted by INSERM in 2016, One in two French people suffers from joint pain, Including one in three young people.

a guest It's going much betterRheumatologist Pascal Richet points out: Signs that should alert us: “High temperature, pain at night, in the morning when waking up. A patient who tells you, “I had pain last night, I woke up in pain last night and I have pain when I wake up in the morning,” that's what we call a red flag in medicine.

How to treat rheumatism? “Now, we have a very broad range of treatments, which we call Biotherapeutics. They are given after NSAIDs have failed. We expect from these treatments what we call the cure of the disease. It's not “I'm better”, it's “I'm fine, I forgot about my illness.”

There is no doubt that there is an influence of the brain on patients' complaints.

Professor Pascal Richet

According to the rheumatologist. Certain behaviors can Limits the appearance of rheumatism And their development. “There is undoubtedly an impact Psychological or psychological factors On the clinical expression of a certain number of diseases. Then there are the doctors who take care of that. There is a center in Paris called IPSO, for example. There is undoubtedly a brain effectPsychological On patient complaints.

The professor adds that physical activity is the best way to prevent rheumatism: “Physical activity is just a bonus, it helps you fight excess weight, so you can gain a little weight and it is clearly beneficial for osteoarthritis or inflammatory rheumatism.”

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On the other hand, my guests Fluffy Flament and Jimmy Muhammad remain cautious The impact of our diet On the development of this disease: “It's a big debate. Does diet play a role in rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthritis?The level of proof, frankly, is not important enough. “I would be very careful before entering this area,” he concluded.

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