Dengue fever in Abidjan: Cocody mosquito control campaign

Since May 14, 2022, INHP ​​has launched an anti-mosquito campaign in Cocody in order to combat the dengue epidemic rampant in Abidjan.

The Director of Vaccinations at the National Institute of Health, Professor Tempreh Isaac, noted that this campaign led by the Ministry of Health comes on the heels of the dengue epidemic that was announced in Abidjan two weeks ago. Measures have been taken, in particular vector control, which consists in destroying mosquitoes.

This is done in two stages, namely the identification and elimination of breeding sites characterized by mosquito breeding areas, as well as the spraying and fumigation of insecticides in order to eliminate them.

The focus of the spread of dengue fever in the town was in the old tires, abandoned containers, water storage places and tree leaves, and from here was the starting point for this campaign, which will extend to other municipalities according to the development of the epidemic.

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According to Professor Temprey, the National Institute of Psychiatry is the vanguard of surveillance that has enabled it to detect disease early and led to the implementation of the response system. He called residents to change their mindset by avoiding creating mosquito nests with their attitude.

Dengue fever or “tropical influenza” is a disease transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito carrying one of the four viruses of the disease. There is no direct transmission from person to person.

Dengue is found mainly throughout the tropical region. According to current estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), there could be 50 to 100 million cases worldwide each year.

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Symptoms are often flu-like (fever, headache, body aches) that appear within three to 14 days after a mosquito bite. Dengue fever affects infants, young children, and adults alike. Dengue is often benign and although disabling, it can be complicated by the hemorrhagic forms.

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