The first 12-inch Retina MacBook will be obsolete soon

The first 12-inch Retina MacBook will be obsolete soon

The 12-inch MacBook Retina stole hearts when it was released in 2015, but it still got off to a bad start. In addition to the butterfly keyboard, it had a Core M processor, a single multi-purpose USB-C port, and Apple’s backlit disappearance opening, which was totally unacceptable. In contrast, this Mac was very thin and light (less than 1kg), and it actually had a very pretty screen — not to mention the pink color.

The 1.1GHz MacBook Core M wasn’t a thunderbolt, but it sounded good.

This is the model that Apple’s list of obsolete products She will host starting June 30, according to a note I objected by Mac rumors. Old devices are considered as such when they haven’t been manufactured for more than 7 years (Apple renewed the range in 2015, with a slightly more powerful MacBook). This means that the manufacturer will no longer be able to perform hardware repairs, while service centers will no longer be able to order spare parts.

With the advent of Apple chips, many were hoping Apple would refresh this design (which was discontinued in July 2019), but alas, it looks like we’re headed instead to a larger MacBook Air.

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