5 good reasons to dive into a Matteo Rossi movie

Director Matthieu Rozé’s AZURO presents, in theaters on March 30th, a refreshing immersion in the work of Marguerite Duras. The LITTLE HORSES OF TARQUINIA is turned into a feature film about desire and friendship. We show you what makes this sensory and exhilarating trip to the Mediterranean so essential.

I visit A sweet haven in the Mediterranean

In his first film as a director, actor Matthieu Rozé was able to switch on screen Little horses of Tarquinia By Marguerite Duras, the story of her holidays with friends in a village on the shores of the Mediterranean. at I visit, in theaters on March 30, the group bored, in love, Tan, wondering about love and desire, drinks campari while the man who rises from the waves brings them out of their slumber. The hidden little harbor, the small bay, the house crushed by the heat under the pine trees, and the calm sea are a stunning beauty, enhanced by the visual selections of the outlet. Irresistible call to laziness.

Desire, love and friendship

The film follows the journey of Sarah, who has enjoyed a man’s arrival in the lull of summer with her husband, son, and friends all her life. The mysterious brunette, a boat owner and a talented swimmer, will invite herself to the center of the gang and cause trouble just for his presence. Torn between her son’s love and this craving for the unknown, the young woman will wonder about feelings, group, motherhood, or even loyalty. Meanwhile, a threatening fire is gaining ground in the little corner of Heaven. Will Sarah surrender to the flames of sedition?

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I visit : solar crew

This story of desires is shaped by a cheerful cast that the director wanted to be extraordinary. Valerie Donzelli embodies Sarah’s secret opposite Yannick Schurrat, an actor with an incredible presence. Portuguese Nuno Lopez portrays an idealistic, seductive and mysterious man. Florence Laura Kelly embodied the single Margaux. Seriously and sensually, the Italian Maya Sansa plays Gina, Vadim’s grumpy companion, babbling Thomas Chimica as a charismatic big kid. Their rare faces, voices, bodies and personalities on screen are perfect to impress this fiery group of friends on our retina.

Valerie Donzelli and Nuno Lopez in “Azuro” © Patrice Terraz – Banam Distribution

I visit : Like a mirage…

In order to restore the skin in the swimsuit to its grain and give the film a timeless feel, the director chose to shoot his film on film. A process that allowed actors to feel free in front of the camera, freed from the more imposing technical limitations of digital technology. Always in this idea of ​​obscuring paths in time and space, Matteo Rossi invented a language, a kind of summer Esperanto, in which we cannot precisely locate the event in Italy, Greece, and France … Only one solution: allow yourself to be carried away from this hectic atmosphere, and calm down With its bold colours, this grain is a bit vintage and the music is very special to the Durassian dialogues.

Kid Francescoli on the soundtrack

The film’s music adds a unique note to this trip to the Mediterranean. The talent of Kid Francescoli, a fan of sunny electro-pop from Marseilles, was invited to give a very personal atmosphere to the photos. Matthew Hussain (in town) signs his first audio clip here. A cheerful and sad composition at the same time, the synths act as gentle waves for the eardrum. These sounds were contemplated prior to the film, and then incorporated as is into production. Available for live streaming, this soundtrack has the huge advantage of being able to take us back at any time to long, relaxing summer days.I visit. happiness.

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