Chronic depression: new equipment for patient care at Monterran

Chronic depression: new equipment for patient care at Monterran

The new repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation unit is now operational at the Monterrin Hospital Center in Saint-Claude. The device should enable more effective care in treating resistant depression or even some pain. The associated technique has proven itself in the treatment of mental illness.

The Monterrin Hospital Center, a public mental health institution (EPSM) based in Saint-Claude, recently acquired state-of-the-art equipment, synonymous with a more efficient process of combating resistant and chronic depression. Thus the care of patients suffering from such diseases is improved.
The site is equipped with a new version of the repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation unit, also known as RTMS (Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).

This state-of-the-art neurostimulation equipment, unique to the Antilles and Guyana, was presented on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

It could be a treatment that will stimulate chemotherapy, which will encourage the brain to produce neurotransmitters that naturally treat depression.

Dr. Ibrahim Abboud, Sector Head at EPSM Montéran

The results are there, according to the patients who testified, including this young woman:

I have noticed some changes since the beginning of the sessions. I no longer laugh from my heart and now I can laugh.

The patient suffers from chronic depression

RTMS is used in sessions of approximately twenty minutes, 5 days a week, for a month. Maintenance sessions may be prescribed to promote remission. Its effectiveness is measured at 60%.

This comes in addition to other ways to care for patients suffering from depression.

We have three well-known operations running in Guadeloupe. Seismic therapy is performed in the operating room to treat refractory or chronic depression. Its success rate reached 92% (…). Transcranial magnetic stimulation consists of sending electromagnetic waves to a part of the brain that has been identified as being responsible for depression. It is a non-surgical procedure and does not hurt (…). Direct current stimulation is intended for mild depression. They are small devices that we give to the patient to conduct the sessions at home.

Dr. Ibrahim Abboud, Sector Head at EPSM Montéran

11% of Guadeloupe’s population suffers from chronic depression. 20% have been affected at some point in their lives.
Currently, RTMS receives 5 patients per day.

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