Chemin Esports partners with the Brazilian organization the rage for multiple titles including PUBG and COD Mobile

Chemin Esports partners with the Brazilian organization the rage for multiple titles including PUBG and COD Mobile

An Indian organisation, Chemin Esports has partnered with Influence Range, a Brazilian company, to begin its entry into Brazil. Thanks to this collaboration, it is now renamed INF Chemin Esports. Prior to the official announcement, the joint venture was rapidly gaining traction in the community.

To announce the partnership, the two organizations posted on their social media pages:

“We are proud to announce that Influence Rage is the first Brazilian organization to collaborate with an Indian organization. Influence Rage and Chemin eSports now form the “INF PATH E-SPORTS,” and the partnership extends to all existing Influence Rage listings and all future listings. Content creators and other stories scheduled To enter the year 2023. Greetings for a bright and successful future.”

Chemin Esports collaborates with Influence Rage to obtain multiple titles

Influence Rage is a popular mobile esports organization that has won many major titles. They currently have rosters in three mobile titles: PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, and COD Mobile.


Team COD Mobile recently reached the World Championship 2022 finals to finish third in Regional Stage 4. The organization signed the previous Godsent roster in June 2022 which proved to be beneficial as they were able to secure a place in the tournament. .

The Arena of Valor (AOV) made sure of the first season of the 2022 AOV League in Brazil, coming out victorious and qualifying for the 2022 international tournament. However, the team was unable to perform on the big stage.

The organization has made a name for itself with the PUBG Mobile team, which is made up of many famous players, including Law, Federal and Caiowski. The team has won four consecutive events over the past five months.

Nosso dia chegou! Depois de uma jornada incrível conquistamos o título e somos os campeões das Américas! 🌎 Esse título é de cada um de vocês, que nunca nos escapearam, torcida, familiares, staff! Lutamos ate the final o of todos. Pode comemorar, pois an Américas agora é roxa! 💜

The team was crowned the PMPL 2022 USA Spring Champion in a major tournament in PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, they took second place in the Pro League 2022 Spring Regional Race. The team will compete in the fall season in the Pro League, starting today, that is, on August 26. Besides these, the organization also has an all-female team in PUBG Mobile.

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About Path Esports

Chemin Esports is one of the emerging Indian organizations which has established its pedigree in a short time. They entered the esports scene in May 2021 and currently have rosters with three titles, BGMI, Free Fire and Pokemon UNITE.

The organization got the list of Free Fire superstars from 4 Unknown, which surprised many. The team won the Free Fire Pro League 2021 India Winter and Skyesports Pro League 2022. However, just days after the tournament, the Indian government banned the title outright on July 28. However, Free Fire Max is still playable. Selection.

The exceptional BGMI team includes Chemin Esports Destro, DeltaPG, Robin, Justin and BopeDope. With their latest collaboration, the team should have a prosperous future.

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