Football: Longueau in continuity

Football: Longueau in continuity

Returning to the Regional 1 level, ESC Longueau has decided to carry on with a large part of its workforce even if there are some changes.

We are not changing the policy on the part of the Picard Club which, as in recent years, has taken the decision not to turn everything upside down within its workforce, despite the descent.

Numerous extensions and departures…

At the goal, despite the requests, Baptiste Descamps is still present, as well as Dylan Cherroux, who has behaved perfectly this season.

In defense as planned at the start of the season, Bettina leaves and in the rest of the season, everyone extends anything Betty, Phineas, Russell, Thierry, or Quagmire. to note it Thomas Quinta, Absent last season after a serious knee injury, he will almost return as a starter.

In midfield, the club can always count on him Lemire, Delcoze, Quinta M and Hedy. On the other hand, he will have to do without it Ballerinawho after a good season in N3, should return to Montdidier at his home club in R3.

In attack, Captain Bouvet continues just like Vanpuywelde, Tassart and Duvauchelle. Toure arrived last summer, has not been kept by the club and will take the direction of the Portuguese at Amiens. For his part, Thiam wished to leave and was not retained.

…and the arrivals

To strengthen himself, Picard’s club checks in Sufyan Mfila who after a convincing half-season in N3, and the end of the year turbulent due to additional sports stories with the ACA, will try to revive it. He’s not the only rookie in midfield since childhood Simeo Lipenoy Come down from Kamon.

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The priority now remains reinforcement in attack as the club has some leadership. It should be noted that the group can also count if necessary on the contribution of some young people who will be involved in the R1-D2 dual project.

Accessories : Descamps – Chireux – Bourbier – Petit – T. Kwinta – Roussel – Thierry – Hédé – Delcuse – Y. Lemaire – M.Kwinta – Vanpuywelde – Finaz – Bouvet – Tassart – Duvauchelle

Access : M’Vila – Lipenoy

Departure : Bettina – Blairt – Thiam – Toure

Work crew : Moreira – b. Bourdet – C. Descamps

Aurelien Vennet
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Sports Gazette

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