Anglet: Xubaka: The old electric motorcycle

Anglet: Xubaka: The old electric motorcycle

This is how Xubaka was born: a vintage look from the 70s, customizable and above all 85% recyclable. Handcrafted by local businesses and craftsmen, the ‘green’ motorcycle beckons with its authenticity, easy ride and accessories. The beautiful season is coming, which will make your travels with Xubaka more than enjoyable. indulge…

In the saddle towards new projects

With a product currently equivalent to a 50 cc motorcycle called the Xubaka, other ideas are in the drawers, ready to come out, in particular a 50+ equipped with a booster battery to increase autonomy. Thus, the distance to be covered with the current battery will increase from 50 km for the current version to 70, or even 80 km for the 50+ version.

In their design office, the big sister is in the starting blocks, equivalent to 125 cm3 plus an electric bike. These new products are expected to be launched in late 2023, early 2024.

Another project, this time very short term, the company should open its main office in April – the showroom near Biarritz. As Pierre Yves points out, At the moment we are hosted in a business incubator and when customers want to see products it is not always easy. »

Sebastian Sumgnas

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