WhatsApp Android corrects a major absence, Windows 11 will revolutionize File Explorer, that’s the bottom line

WhatsApp Android corrects a major absence, Windows 11 will revolutionize File Explorer, that’s the bottom line

WhatsApp will finally allow you to edit your contacts on Android, File Explorer will be full of new features on Windows 11, Internet users are more and more seduced by ChatGPT and Generative AI… Welcome to the previous day’s recap!

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Yesterday, there was a lot of talk about revolutions in technology news. One small one to start, which is for Android users of WhatsApp. The biggest one, this time on Windows 11, has to do with File Explorer’s design. And finally, social, with ChatGPT and AI becoming increasingly important in our daily lives.

No need to leave WhatsApp to edit contacts on Android

Here’s a feature that seems obvious, and is even present on iOS, but that WhatsApp users on Android should do without: the ability to edit their contacts directly in the app. For this, it is necessary to go through the Contacts application, which automatically synchronizes the identification messages. Fortunately, this should change soon, as evidenced by a beta discovered by WABetaInfo.

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Windows 11 File Explorer will soon become unrecognizable

Not content with adding and tweaking many aspects of File Explorer with Windows 11, Microsoft is still looking for new ways to improve the utility. According to Windows Latest, users will soon discover an explorer with a more modern header, better file recommendations, a completely reworked sidebar, and even the look of the gallery section.

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ChatGPT and AI are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives

In just 6 months, 27% of Internet users have already experienced the great capabilities of ChatGPT. This is revealed by a survey of our colleagues at Techaradar, which also indicates that 12% of them have already created an image using generative AI such as Midjourney. This number continues to rise. Last month, ChatGPT had at least 1.6 billion users. This is 55% more than the previous month. One thing is for sure, we’re not done hearing it.

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