Bubba attacks Jolve 94 at Afro Nation in Portugal (Video)

Bubba attacks Jolve 94 at Afro Nation in Portugal (Video)

This is absolute entertainment in Afro Nation. The world’s largest Afrobeats festival has been taking place since June 28 In Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Portugal, fans from more than 140 countries and posters were directed. By stars planets. On June 30, Bubba, a French rapper who should be performing, just got into a fight with Jolve 94.

The latest information received is chilling. French rapper Bubba, along with other stars, declared the festival closed, distinguishing himself as a mixed martial arts fighter. Rapper Bubba who fell out with Jolve 94 has already fallen out with the latter. In fact, this is what came out of a video posted by Jolve 94 on Snapchat and relayed by several users.

While waiting to get the results of all this information, here is the video It is influential :

He is originally from Chevilly Larue and is 28 years old. Athletic and reckless, Jolve, nicknamed Acrobat 94, didn’t wait for his Ninja Warrior run to showcase his prowess. His stories on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are shared by the hundreds. I can’t wait for this whole charade to be a buzz. Businesses to pursue?

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