Biden criticizes Trump's “extremism” as he tries to rally African Americans

Biden criticizes Trump's “extremism” as he tries to rally African Americans

(Washington) – Joe Biden, who will certainly have to mobilize African-American voters if he wants to be re-elected, criticized the “extremism” of his Republican rival Donald Trump on Friday, in a speech at the National Museum of African History and History. American culture in Washington.

“My predecessor and his extremist supporters are attacking diversity, equality, and inclusion across America. The American President said: “They do not want a state for everyone, but rather a state for the few.”

According to a recent poll The New York TimesIn Siena, Donald Trump could receive the votes of 20% of African Americans in November, nearly double what he received in 2020.

This would be a historic record for a Republican candidate and a repudiation of his Democratic opponent who defeated him four years ago thanks in large part to the mobilization of this community.

“The history of African Americans is the history of the United States. Today there is a whole group of people trying to rewrite history and erase it,” said the 81-year-old Democrat who will again face the 77-year-old Republican pole in the presidential election.

He points to attempts by some conservative local elected officials to remove references to the United States' slavery and segregation past from school curricula.

Joe Biden, who on Thursday praised the struggle against school segregation, will receive leaders of historically black student associations on Friday.

He will campaign on Saturday in Georgia among African-American voters and will speak on Sunday at the graduation ceremony of Morehouse University in Atlanta, where the great leader of the civil rights struggle, Martin Luther King, studied.

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On the same day, he will visit an African-American company in Detroit (Michigan) and speak at a dinner organized by the NAACP, a major association that fights against racial discrimination.

Georgia and Michigan are considered “swing states,” critical states in the race for the White House.

“Not voting is a foregone conclusion. We are not going to parachute into these communities [afro-américaines] “At the last minute,” Trey Baker, one of Joe Biden’s campaign team managers, commented in a press release.

Democrats applaud the many steps the president has taken to improve the standard of living for African Americans and increase diversity in government and the federal judiciary.

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