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PSG largely dominated Gamba Osaka (6-2) on Monday in a friendly match. In the capital club’s last warm-up match before FC Nantes’ competition for the Champions League on Sunday, the Parisians, especially Neymar, were in great shape.

Neymar celebrated against Osaka.

Before returning to FC Nantes on Sunday for the Champions Cup, PSG completed their preparations undefeated. With its fourth win in 4 matches, it crushed capital club Gamba Osaka (6-2) on Monday in a friendly match.

In coach Christophe Galtier’s 3-4-1-2 match, the Parisians look ready to start the season, with some high-performing individuals in particular: Vitina, Neymar and even Lionel Messi.

Neymar and Messi offer the show!

Immediately with the right rhythm, the Parisians got their first good stop with a serve from Vitenha to Messi, who stumbled at Higashiguchi. However, PSG were very intimidating with a missed exit from Donnarumma after a corner kick and serious chaos in the area. Under pressure then, the Japanese resisted with a duel that Higashiguchi won against Neymar before Miura saved Messi. At the Neymar Fest, PSG thought they would find the fault through Sarabia, but Higashiguchi still held back! After it caught fire, the Osaka goalkeeper continued to spot the Parisians with an intervention in front of Hakimi…

But after a new save by Higashiguchi against Messi, Sarabia followed up well to open the scoring at the end (1-0, 27). Amid the crowd, Neymar logically got a penalty after an intervention from Miura and doubled the net with a shot from the left (2-0, 31). But right behind, Osaka hit back thanks to Kurokawa despite Donnarumma’s first tackle on his streak (2-1, 34). In a lively match, PSG immediately responded with a superb opener from Vitina for Mendes, who crossed his shot perfectly (3-1, 37), and then a cross from Neymar was captured by Messi (4-1, 39).

PSG Have fun, Mbappe top scorer

When they came back from the locker room, PSG raced again at the same pace, but Messi missed a great opportunity by sending a shot into the stands. In a long shot from Vitina, Neymar followed and looked lopsided in the penalty area, but the referee did not flinch. And in a superb pass from Messi, the Brazilian put himself back in the evidence by wiping out the goalkeeper before scoring in the empty cage (5-1, 59).

However, in the face of his team’s sinking, Higashiguchi continued to give his best by winning a head-to-head match against Hakimi. Despite the great difficulties, Osaka raised his head with a wonderful team move by sending Yanagisawa Yamami (5-2, 70)! Entering the game, Mbapp tries to join the party, but Fujiharu saves his people on his line. With his speed, the Frenchman made Takao live in hell by getting a penalty, which he converted with a straight shot (6-2, 85). Festival to finish this setting!

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Match result: 8/10

Nice meeting to follow. With a perfectly acceptable tempo for a friendly match, the two teams put on a lively 90-minute show. Thanks to the difficulties the Japanese faced in the game, the Parisians largely dominated the debates by presenting great teamwork accompanied by opportunities and goals.

Objectives :

– After a missed mistake from Miura on Messi’s back, Neymar sent deep for the Argentine who stumbles with Higashiguchi. In a good position, he follows Sarabia to open the scoring in the empty cage (1-0, 27).

– Neymar ran on the left side of the roof, provoking Miura who misses a rough tackle. The referee does not hesitate and whistles a penalty kick converted from a shot to the left of the Brazilian (2-0, 31).

– After a good movement on the right side, Onose performs a centering in the surface. Although Donnarumma blocked his line after the first hit, Kurokawa pushed the ball into the empty cage (2-1, 34).

Serving in the hub, Vitinha takes his time before making a nice hole in the rear on the left. Without asking any questions, Mendes fired a powerful cross shot to shake the net (3-1, 37′).

– Moved on the left flank by Messi, Neymar corrects his direct opponent before positioning himself in the area. The Argentine starred brilliantly and scored a goal despite the interference of Higashiguchi (4-1, 39).

– Served superbly in depth with a pass from Messi, Neymar calmly removes Higashiguchi thanks to his speed before scoring in the empty cage (5-1, 59).

– On a deep ball behind Bernat’s back, Yanagisawa made a cross straight into the area. Of late, Kimpembe and Marquinhos were unable to block Yamami’s close-range goal (5-2, 70).

– Thanks to speed, Mbappe led the counterattack against PSG and raised Takao inside the area, who made the foul by interfering. On the penalty kick, the Frenchman changes his attempt with a kick to the right (6-2, 85).

Parisian notes

Maxifoot gave a note (out of 10) comments on every PSG player

Man of the Match: Neymar (8.5/10)

Without always being successful, the Brazilian did just fine! Checked at the start of the match by the opponent’s defence, the Paris Saint-Germain striker poisoned his rounds and dribble on the left side. The penalty kick scorer – which he earned himself – was also a crucial corridor of Messi’s achievement. He should have even received a second penalty, but the referee did not flinch. Amid the crowd, Auriverde made a double by wiping out the goalkeeper. A good sign for next season? Replace the 72nd minute with Arno Kalimundo (No).

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Paris Saint-Germain:

Gianluigi Donnarumma (5) : Returning to the Paris Saint-Germain cage in the last preparatory match, the goalkeeper did not show much calm in this match. In difficulty on his first air outing, the Italian gave some horror to his people with his kicking game. In the first goal he conceded, he continued to tackle the first time on his line before kneeling. And as for the second realization, Transalpine has nothing to reproach himself with.

Sergio Ramos (4.5) : Mixed match for the heart defender of Paris Saint-Germain. With the rise of Hakimi, the Spaniard sometimes had difficulty controlling the attacks of the Japanese on the right side. To make matters worse, the former Real Madrid player was lenient at times, as was his wait-and-see attitude towards Kurokawa’s goal. Replace the 72nd minute with Danilo Pereira (no).

Marquinhos (4.5) : The PSG captain had an average encounter. In some heated situations, the defender was present, particularly with several counter-attacks at the start of the match. However, the Brazilian international was delayed in the opening match and the second goal for the Japanese. Replace the 72nd minute with Thelo Kehrer (no).

Presnel Kimpembe (4) : two errors that lead to an interesting global match. Because in duels, the French international was aggressive and often got the ball back by going forward. But in terms of the two goals I conceded, the Paris Saint-Germain centre-back finds himself very easy to fall behind. Replace the 72nd minute with Abdo Diallo (No).

Achraf Hakimi (5.5) : In the role of the right piston, the Parisian made a somewhat discreet start to the game. But little by little, the Moroccan started to show himself and was close to scoring after two losses against the opposing goalkeeper. Throughout the match, he was prepared for it. Replace the 72nd minute with Eric Dena Ibembe (No).

Marco Verratti (6) : In midfield, the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder played in an armchair. With the help of his technical quality and rather weak opposition pressure, the Italy international led the Ile-de-France match as he pleased without giving the impression of forcing his talent. Well, the Parisian put his partners in good conditions. Replace the 60th minute with Leandro Paredes (No).

Vitinha (7.5) A good copy of the young Portuguese talent. In the midfield, the former Porto player did not hesitate to display himself to create controversies, especially the good balls that Neymar or Messi got. Technically accurate, the midfielder was rewarded for his efforts with this superb opener on Mendes’ goal. influential. Replace the 72nd minute with Idrissa Joy (no).

Nuno Mendes (6.5) : On the left lane, the piston, like Hakimi, had a timid start to the match. But after that, the Portuguese often took responsibility for supporting Neymar. Despite a tough defense against Kurokawa, the young talent made up for the feat with a cross shot. Replace the 60th minute with Juan Bernat (no)who was guilty, with Kimpembe behind him in Osaka’s second goal.

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Lionel Messi (8) In his form in summer preparations, the attacking midfielder from Paris Saint-Germain was interesting again on Monday. The Argentine took part in all the good moves, and was disgusted with the Osaka goalkeeper. Ready and active, he created danger, especially by being involved in the Sarabia goal, before hitting the net with a cross pass from Neymar. After the break, he still served caviar in Auriverde’s second goal. Replace the 72nd minute with Mauro Icardi (not).

Neymar (8.5) : Read the comment above.

Pablo Sarabia (7) Linked to Neymar in his attack with the bombing of Mbappe, on the bench and suspended for the Champions Cup against Nantes, the Spaniard continues to score points in this preparation. Interesting in his movements and combinations, the former FC Sevilla player was dangerous, particularly with a Messi cross that was saved by Miura. Generously, he was rewarded with the opening. Replace the 60th minute with Kylian Mbappe (No no)who tried to increase his speed. Failing at his first chance with a save on the Fujiharu line, the Frenchman took part in his people’s festival by getting a penalty and converting.

And you who was the best and worst players in the game? reaction in the area “comments” less !

technical card
Paris Saint-Germain 6-2 Gamba Osaka (middle time: 4-1) – friendly match
stadium : Panasonic Suita Stadium

Objectives: Sarabia (27), Neymar (31, sp, 59), Mendes (37), Messi (39), Mbappe (85, sp) for PSG; Kurokawa (34), Yamami (70) for Osaka.

Paris Saint-Germain : Donnarumma – Ramos (Pereira, 72), Marquinhos (Kerer, 72), Kimpembe (Dialo, 72) – Hakimi (Dina Ibembe), Verratti (Paredes, 60th), Vitenha (Guy, 72), Mendes (Bernat, 60) Messi (Icardi, 72), Neymar (Calimuindo, 72), Sarabia (Mbappe, 60).
Gamba Osaka: Higashiguchi (Kato, 76th place) – Fukuoka (Takao, 45th place), Miura (Fujiharu, 45th place), Shuji, Kurokawa (Yamami, 60th place) – Onoz (Yanagisawa, 45th place), Kurata (Saito, 45th place), Dohan (Okono, 45th place), Ishiji (Nakamura, 45th, Patrick, 76th) – Suzuki (Pereira, 45th place), Mishino (Silva, 60th place).

Sarabia launches PSG (1-0, 27th place)

Parisians celebrate after Neymar’s first goal (2-0, 31)

Mendes Caviar Feet (3-1, 37)

Messi can thank Neymar the pass for his goal (4-1, 39)

The Brazilian celebrates after his double (5-1, 70)

Mbappe finished his family festival (6-2, 85th place)

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