Laundry science, and other green laundry

Laundry science, and other green laundry

Large corporations, challenged by their carbon footprint, are increasingly posing as partners for public think tanks. But can private money support science without directing researchers to harm the environment? Faced with TotalEnergies, the polytechnic students said “Stop!”. By Jean-François Julliard, Director General of Greenpeace France.

Greenwashing, almost everyone knows about it. The “carbon neutral” flights of Air France, the “100% recycled” flights of Adidas or New Balance, the wind turbines in the ads of Chevron and other oil majors, these media campaigns that ruffle the hair of all those with fiber have boomed in recent years. On our screens and on the billboards of our cities. Greenwashing is a dangerous marketing strategy for the planet. It misleads consumers about the true environmental impact of the product or service they are buying. Of course, no brand would ever communicate about contamination of their production plants. But to pretend, on the contrary, that his work is good for the planet, with too many images of nature or false slogans, is an irresponsible practice that urgently needs to be regulated.

But who knows “flag washing”? less oriented

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