Russia publishes a list of 963 Americans denied entry

Joe Biden, Mark Zuckerberg, Morgan Freeman…: Today, Saturday, Russian diplomacy published a list of 963 American personalities banned from entering Russia, in retaliation for similar sanctions imposed by Washington since the attack on Ukraine.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry published this document on its website. It mainly includes government officials and parliamentarians, as well as members of civil society.

Moscow had already announced these sanctions against many of the figures on the list, notably US President Joe Biden, his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, or even Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The list also includes Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman, who has not yet been publicly subject to sanctions. The Russian diplomat accuses him of recording a video in 2017 in which he alleges that Russia was carrying out a “conspiracy” against the United States.

“Russian counter-sanctions are necessary and intended to constrain the existing American power, which is trying to impose a neo-colonial + global order on the rest of the world + […] On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said “to change its position and recognize new geopolitical realities.”

He asserts that Moscow remains open to “honest dialogue” and distinguishes the American people from authorities who “incite fear of Russia.”

Since the attack on Ukraine, Russian diplomacy has denied entry to hundreds of Anglo-Saxon dignitaries.

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On Saturday, it announced that it had taken this action against an additional 26 Canadians, including Sophie Trudeau, the wife of the Canadian prime minister.

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