Are Ukrainian drone strikes the beginning of an escalation?

Are Ukrainian drone strikes the beginning of an escalation?

For the second time in weeks, a Ukrainian drone penetrated deep into Russian airspace before it was shot down near the Engels base, 650 kilometers from the border. It is the main airfield for bombers that Moscow uses to strike Ukrainian civilian infrastructure. These attacks show the great vulnerability of Russia’s air defenses.

the London Times Allegations that the Pentagon gave tacit approval for Ukraine’s attacks on targets inside Russia following several Russian missile strikes against critical infrastructure in the country. The only restrictions imposed by the Americans is that the Ukrainians refrain from targeting Russian civilian targets.

Vortex of reprisals

The Pentagon will no longer fear that such operations could lead to a Russian escalation, he said times Which quoted unnamed US defense officials. Moscow did not respond to strikes on its territory by attacking NATO countries or using nuclear weapons.

However, it is feared that the American green light represents a new stage in the rise of the hostility that appears to have begun between the West and Russia.

When another Ukrainian drone attack from the same base destroyed two Russian bombers, Russia responded by bombing more of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure: millions of Ukrainian civilians currently live without electricity or heat.

Moscow began launching large-scale attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure after the truck-loaded explosives attack on the strategic Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea to Russia. It is certainly a military target, but it is also used by civilians.

Ukrainian special operations forces are conducting operations far from Russian lines. Explosions have also been reported recently at military facilities in Ryazan, about 200 kilometers south of Moscow, and in Kursk, 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. The daughter of a political theorist close to Putin, Alexander Dugin, died in the explosion of her father’s car, which she was using.

their currency

Ukraine does not use American weapons to strike targets inside Russia. And it uses its own drones: a Soviet Tupolev Tu-141 Strizh surveillance plane from the 1970s has been modified to have a greater range and better guidance system.

Tu-141s were also used against fuel tanks near the Ukrainian border, again overwhelming Russian air defences.

British military intelligence believes the drone attacks are seen by the Kremlin as one of Russia’s “most strategically significant failures” since the start of the war.

As a military historian has pointed out, Putin is now the first Russian leader since World War II under whose rule his enemies struck at the motherland, Holy Russia.

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