An astrophysicist’s expertise: Artemis I mission, failed?

An astrophysicist’s expertise: Artemis I mission, failed?

The Artemis I rocket launch was postponed again on Saturday due to a fuel leak.

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The astrophysicist isn’t surprised by the postponement of takeoff.

I’m not surprised there is a delay. It is the task of tests and experiments. We must validate all techniques and procedures in this long test. All technologies should work at 100%. If something happens, we postpone it,” Robert Lamontani explains.

Many are concerned, as the next launch could be delayed if it doesn’t launch early next week.

“The more time passes, the more the moon is in a position to launch. It seems to be a problem similar to what happened on Monday [lors de la 1re tentative de lancement]so a fuel problem,” he said.

If NASA experts can solve the problem later on Monday and Tuesday, the liftoff could take place after September 15.

“It’s not a failure, but it’s disappointing. It shows the rigor of NASA engineers to ensure everything is optimal. We want the mission to be a resounding success,” he believes.

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