Why does the head of state go to Angola?

Why does the head of state go to Angola?

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, continues his tour of Central Africa. After Gabon, the head of state runs Angola. The oil-rich former Portuguese colony wants to diversify its agriculture and become less dependent on abroad. A topic that France intends to present its expertise in.

After Gabon, the direction of Angola. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, is currently touring Central Africa. For his second stop on the continent, the head of state chose the third largest economy on the continent. Because this former Portuguese colony corresponds to Emmanuel Macron’s ambition to secede from France by diversifying partnerships, outside the historical arena in which political and diplomatic setbacks accumulate, against the backdrop of rising anti-French sentiment.

Diversification of the Angolan economy

One diplomat, a traditional ally of Russia, the Portuguese-speaking country, confirms that it is getting closer and closer to the West. Officially, discussions between Emmanuel Macron and President Joao Lourenço will not focus on oil, even if Angola is at loggerheads with Nigeria, the first producer of black gold in sub-Saharan Africa. French giant TotalEnergies also operates offshore deposits in the country.

The issue of post-oil is at the heart of this trip, as the Elysee confirms, especially agricultural cooperation, at a time when Luanda, the country’s capital, is seeking to diversify its economy so as not to import almost all of its basic products. A mission that France would like to undertake: “We are able to offer President João Lourenço a team from France capable of enabling him to develop a form of food sovereignty”, thus assures the President’s advisor.

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