A final tribute to the brave aid worker who sacrificed his life to help others

A final tribute to the brave aid worker who sacrificed his life to help others

The family and loved ones of Jacob Flickinger, who died tragically in Gaza, have repeatedly stressed that the 33-year-old aid worker gave his life to help others.

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In Saint George, Friday, the funeral procession wandered for the first time along 1Dr Avenue before the religious ceremony led by priest Alain Beaulieu.

The Quebecer, who grew up in Bose, is one of seven humanitarian workers who were tragically killed in an Israeli missile attack.

Didier Debuscher/Journal de Québec

From the beginning, the mother of the deceased spoke of her son as an exceptional being, always protecting and supporting others. “His loyalty was unwavering. “He was a force of nature,” said Sylvie Labrecque, very firmly before faltering slightly as she recalled the sad events of Year 1.any Last April.

Didier Debuscher/Journal de Québec

A better world

According to her, aid workers make a difference in creating a better world. “I hope it lifts his spirit,” she added.

For the family, his son Jasper will now carry the torch to ease their pain. The latter will also have to rely on those around him to show him the important memories his father left behind that he will not know.

Through the secrets collected, the celebrant explained how he supported Jacob and even saved the lives of some people. Former soldier of the 22nd RoyalH Régiment loved to be of service to others. “For Jacob, it was not just words, it was reality,” Alain Beaulieu explained.

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His partner also read some words she wrote to him while he was still alive. “Underneath your icy exterior lies a great home. The one who makes you want to get close to warming up. There will always be a fire burning inside you,” Sandy Locklear said with emotion.

Didier Debuscher/Journal de Québec


The president of the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec also made the trip to honor Jacob Flickinger. “He took courageous actions. He sacrificed his life for people in distress,” said Mohammed Al-Obaidi.

He went to Gaza to protect people. He sacrificed himself. We will not forget. This is why we are here,” summed up Zakaria Helles, a visiting professor from Gaza at Laval University.

Jacob Flickinger was killed while volunteering for the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen (WCK). He has been distributing food to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of March.

His death and the deaths of six other volunteers from his humanitarian organization caused panic around the world. The Israeli army admitted to making a “serious mistake” after the air strike.

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