Humanitarian aid in Gaza: “Israel has sabotaged” the “Freedom Flotilla,” says a member of the Quebec delegation

Humanitarian aid in Gaza: “Israel has sabotaged” the “Freedom Flotilla,” says a member of the Quebec delegation

The “Freedom Flotilla”, which was supposed to transport food and medicine to Gaza, was bypassed by the State of Israel, says a Quebec resident who participated in this humanitarian mission.

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In an interview with LCN, Quebec activist and epidemiologist Nima Maachouf criticized Israel for blocking a shipment of 5,500 tons of humanitarian supplies intended for Gaza residents.

The Quebec delegation that participated in the mission headed to join the “Freedom Flotilla” in Istanbul, Turkey, from where it was scheduled to depart for Gaza.

“Israel sabotaged the mission and prevented the departure we had planned last week,” claims DrDr I'm sorry.

The latter confirms that Israel exerted pressure on Guinea Bissau, because one of the “Freedom Flotilla” boats was sailing under the flag of this West African country.

He added: “Guinea Bissau had given the fleet accreditation, done all the inspections, done all the administrative papers and all that. Finally, with the second inspection, the new unexpected inspection, it was like an excuse and they said to the boat owner: ‘If you assure us that you are going anywhere but [à] “Gaza, we will allow you to sail under our flag,” says Nima Mashof.

  • Listen to the interview with Niall Clapham Ricardo, member of Independent Jewish Voices, on the Yasmine Abdel Fadil program via QUB:
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“very Difficult”

Activist and epidemiologist Nima Maashouf states that the situation is currently “very difficult” in Gaza.

She says: “There are about a million homeless people, and 34,000 people have already died in the war from bombs, shells and all that, including 14,000 children.”

Added to these catastrophic human losses is the extensive damage to buildings in Gaza.

“Israel is destroying the entire infrastructure in Gaza. It is clear that its goal is to annihilate and destroy Gaza and to be able to settle there with complete peace of mind.I I'm sorry.

She believes Quebec, like the rest of the international community, should do more to encourage Israel to respect the basic rights of Gazans.

“Israel is violating all these international laws before our eyes, and no country dares to reprimand it,” the activist laments.

“People are tired of seeing their government do nothing about this injustice, and it is not true that this is Israel defending itself. It is not a matter of defence, they are destroying a country and people have had enough.”

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.

  • Listen to the interview with Nima Maachouf, epidemiologist and activist in the Freedom Flotilla delegation, with Mario Dumont on QUB:

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