A 23-year-old woman was rescued after being beaten for four days

A 23-year-old woman was rescued after being beaten for four days

Police have rescued a 23-year-old woman after she was allegedly kidnapped, held captive and beaten for several days in the United States.

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Law enforcement received a 911 call on October 16 about a woman possibly being held against her will in a shed in Ohio.

Upon arriving at the isolated location, police surrounded the cabin in order to rescue the woman and arrest the alleged suspect.

Stunning images show the full police deployment during the high-risk intervention.

Inside the dark cabin, police spotted a 23-year-old woman with serious injuries.

Earlier, suspect William Mozingo, 33, was arrested and charged with the kidnapping of Chloe Jones.

Image from inside the edition

The victim claims Mozingo kidnapped her after offering to take her home.

According to Ohio Police, Chloe Jones was kidnapped and held captive by Mozingo for four days.

She was also allegedly beaten with a baseball bat, according to police.

Shortly after her rescue, the woman, who was in a bad condition, asked the police to give her water.

Chloe Jones agreed to broadcast images of the police intervention in order to raise awareness.

William Mozingo is not his first kidnapping, as he was accused of kidnapping Mackenzie Maston in 2017, in Ohio.

The suspect was released after serving an 18-month prison sentence, according to an Inside Edition report.

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