67 management placed on red alert

67 management placed on red alert

Red vigil has been announced in the majority of departments due to the infestation of tiger mosquitoes.

What does the red alert declared in most circles mean in the face of the spread of tiger mosquitoes?

Tiger mosquito: It can transmit some diseases

“Actually, 67 sections are colored due to the presence of tiger mosquitoes, mosquitoes that are not from us, but are imported, Explains Isabel Esteve Mocion, vector control coordinator for the regional health agency in Occitanie. And it has an important health property: it can transmit certain diseases, such as dengue fever or chikungunya and Zika.”

“Red by itself does not mean a loud alert, specify. This simply means that in the department, these diseases can be transmitted in some municipalities due to the presence of this mosquito. If they are not present, these diseases will not be transmitted.”

It occupied all sections of the region

However, the red alert is immediately alarming. What should be done concretely? “Realizing it’s not very clear. Several mosquitoes are scratched, acknowledges Isabel Esteve Mocion, vector control coordinator for the regional health agency in Occitanie. But this is really gray and white. The site is open to all: signalement-moustiques.anses.fr. Continue if you think you’ve seen a mosquito in your house. Try taking a picture to report it.”

“If your town is not listed, we can enhance knowledge of its colonization, She explained. All divisions of the region are colonies, but not all communes are colonies. When he is not ill, his bites are nothing but mosquito bites. She spends the winter in the form of an egg, there is no transmission of viruses from adults to eggs. So it is not necessarily loaded. The mosquito stock that appears in this season will not be able to transmit because it will not be contaminated.

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