4 tips to relieve lower back pain

4 tips to relieve lower back pain

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Published on December 1, 2023 by Médialo

An unexpected wrong move, a high-intensity gym session, or a stupid accident can destroy the comfort of our back. In fact, some movements, for one reason or another, may lead to severe back pain: lower back pain. But what is it exactly? Above all, how can we relieve this back pain?

What is lower back pain?

In the most common terms, Low back pain simply refers to back pain Which sometimes overwhelms us. Also called lumbago or lumbago, it is a sharp pain located in the lumbar vertebrae, in the lower back. When lower back pain takes its toll, you may feel prevented from performing certain movements.

In general, an episode of lower back pain lasts a few days before it goes away. However, this pain may become chronic and often recurs. However, regardless of how often this back pain occurs, it is possible to perform certain exercises to relieve it.

How do you relax your back?

Here are some tips to help relieve back pain when you’re having a tough bout Lower back pain It does its job:

  • First, if an episode of lower back pain does not seem to resolve, it may be appropriate to consult a doctor. This person, although not experienced in back muscles, still has good general knowledge in this area, which makes him able to provide pain relief.
  • When back pain appears and continues for several days, you should avoid lying down for a long time. In fact, moving, even just a little, is key to healing faster.
  • In addition, it may be interesting to regularly change your position (especially if you work in a sitting position) and do certain muscle stretching exercises.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to get relief, even temporarily, by applying heat to the painful area.
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Prevention is the key to good back health?

Finally, in order to reduce the risk of suffering from lower back pain, it may be appropriate to protect yourself from certain aggravating factors. This includes physical activity. Although it is beneficial on many levels, it must be practiced in a healthy and balanced way. Otherwise, an intense training or sports session may weaken the vertebrae and back muscles, which may not be accustomed to moving much. What’s more, we avoid painful positions, those that cause back pain in record time (such as sitting for long periods)!

Finally, in this case, applying the above advice does not produce the expected effect and the pain remains severe, it may be appropriate to contact a specialized company. natural therapy. Through appropriate exercises and an approach tailored to our back needs, these experts will ensure that our backs are back in good condition, with treatment that reduces the risk of recurrence of lower back pain.

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