10 Places to See Perseids in Quebec

10 Places to See Perseids in Quebec

Year after year, every summer, the famous meteor shower, called the Perseids, delights sky lovers. In 2024, this will happen between August 11 and 14 with peak intensity on the night of the 12 to 13, and here are some places you can admire it.

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1. Astrolabe, Mont-Mégantic National Park – Eastern Towns

We no longer present this national park with its majestic mountain, famous (not only) for the observatory located at its summit and the International Dark Sky Reserve (the first to see daylight in the world) that surrounds it. At the foot of this mountain, ASTROlab, a science museum and discovery centre, offers a full range of activities to discover the wonder of space and the universe. On the occasion of the Perseids, from 9 to 11 August, several activities (observation, multimedia presentation, night walks if weather permits) are organized at the summit and at the base of the mountain.

2. Au Diable Vert – Glensutton, Eastern Townships

© Image taken from Diable Vert website

Known for its many rustic and unique accommodations (tree shelters, cabins, etc.), Au Diable Vert mountain resort offers a range of activities – including one unique to Canada, VéloVolant. Recently certified as a dark sky reserve, it has also had an outdoor planetarium, ObservÉtoiles, since 2018. It is a four-season amphitheater with 180 seats, on heated platforms, set up on the mountainside, even with augmented reality! Guided by the narratives of talented astronomers, each nighttime performance is tailored to the changing reality of the beauty of space.

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3. LBO experiences at Mont Ham Provincial Park

With a height of 713 meters and a 360-degree panoramic view, Mont Ham Provincial Park is a great place to admire the Perseids. On August 11 and 15, LBO Experience organizes a special event that combines starry skies and outdoor activities: guided or independent hikes, camping at the summit, a warm and gourmet evening with local products, meditation and yoga at altitude. There are only 25 places available for the evening – At the time of writing, the event is sold out.

4. Domaine Saint Bernard – Mont Tremblant, Laurentides

© Image taken from the Domaine Saint-Bernard Facebook page

Located less than 10 km south of the village of Mont-Tremblant, Domaine Saint-Bernard welcomes ornithologists, hikers and astronomers looking for a location away from large urban centres, ideal for observing nature and the sky. Every Saturday evening in the summer, in the Astronomy Pavilion, a team of volunteers introduces visitors to stargazing through various telescopes. In cooperation with the Mont-Tremblant Astronomy Club, on August 9 or 10 (depending on the weather), the field organizes the Perseid Festival. On the program: a moving planetary trail (several trips are planned), a rocket launch, a solar telescope, a scientific presentation on the origin of the Perseids on a giant screen, observing meteors with the naked eye and observing the sky through a telescope (more than 20 telescopes on site), booths and activities on the theme astronomy.

5. Porvoiere Saint-Zenon – Lanudière

© Image taken from the Facebook page of the San Zenon Observatory

Located far from light pollution, Saint-Zénon is not only a fishing place, it also has an observatory. Therefore, it is an ideal place for stargazing in the region.

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6. Eco Odyssey Nature Park – Wakefield, Outaouais

© Image taken from the Facebook page of the Eco-Odyssée Nature Park

This eco-tourism park, located in a large swamp, is known for offering different adventures amidst a “water maze” with a total of 64 intersections spread over 6.4 km. An experience you can try in a SUP, kayak, canoe or pedal boat also at night, especially during the Perseids, for two hours.

7. Massif du Sud Park – Chaudière Appalaches

Located 1 hour and 15 minutes from Quebec in St-Philémon, the Massif du Sud Park is well known to outdoor enthusiasts. It is also a very beautiful place to observe meteor showers. On August 10, it organizes a special activity called “Echo of the Perseids” with a performance of classical music from the Opus D2 suite and the rich and colorful world of Homeostatis, as well as a video and lights show, as well as clearly observing the Perseids with large telescopes.

8. Mont Cosmos – Saint-Elizaire, Chaudière-Appalachia

© Image taken from the Facebook page of Mount Cosmos Observatory

Located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, less than an hour's drive from Quebec, Mount Cosmos is an ideal location for observing the starry sky. Far from any light pollution and offering a clear view of the skies over the St. Lawrence Valley, the site has been home to the Mount Cosmos Observatory for more than 40 years, and is an iconic meeting place for amateur astronomers, from the novice to the most experienced. A special – and free – event is being organized on the occasion of the Feast of the Perseids on August 10. During the day: observing the sun, visiting the observatory, selling hot dogs, a science workshop for children, etc. In the evening: observing the sky with specialists and instruments.

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9. Jacques-Cartier National Park – Quebec region

Jacques-Cartier National Park organizes astronomy evenings in its amphitheater throughout the summer. Away from light pollution, you will have the opportunity to admire the millions of stars appearing in the dark sky. The activity lasts 60 minutes and is free (number of places limited, first come first served).

10. Domaine à Ciel Ouvert – Charlevoix-Est, Charlevoix

© Image taken from the Open Air Domain Facebook page

Opened in 2023, Open Air Domain (DACO) is an unusual property, located in the Sainte-Agnès sector, 10 minutes from La Malbaie city centre. Open year-round, seven days a week, DACO offers several cabins and grounds com. vanlife And walking paths. Telescopes are available in campsites ready for camping. There is also a large net stretched into the air for stargazing.

Comfortable chairs to observe the starry sky

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