Charlevoix: CECC consolidates its achievements

Charlevoix: CECC consolidates its achievements

Located in La Malbaie, CECC began its adventure in 1994. The Director of Studies at Cégep de Jonquière was a teacher when the foundation began.

“I remember walking into this room, there was no drywall. We created first beginnings, first rules, first policies,” Mario Julian recalls.

Today, things have changed a lot. CECC enrolls nearly 200 students over the years and has graduated over 2,000 middle school students. Mario Julian considers the study center healthy.

“It’s the lowest number of students we’ll get out of High School 5 now, so we’re at an historic low in terms of regional clients. In general, the clients are there and the college’s Study Center programs cater to our students,” he believes.

Recruiting staff remains a major challenge, particularly for a nursing program. Remember that students 2H The year must take three courses per week in Cégep de Jonquière this semester.

“We still have interesting working conditions and a stimulating living and working environment. We are working hard to normalize the situation and it is going well, but it is a daily challenge,” explains the man.

During its anniversary, the Center for University Studies in Charlevoix will undergo changes. And he gave, Wednesday, an update of his human sciences program.

“What that means is that we think about all course content and how we deliver learning to students so that we can achieve the skills reviewed and graded for 2023,” explains Marie Abumrad, Study Center Director.

Concretely, the training has been adapted or developed locally by the teachers, to comply with the requests of the Ministry of Education. For example, students will be entitled to take new elective advanced courses and add a more comprehensive course on quantitative methods.

“The issue of methodology in the humanities has been identified by universities as one that can really be explored,” adds Ms. Abumrad.

“We have approached Quebec in our different disciplines. On the other hand, we will have a course entirely dedicated to Quebec about what it was, how it has become and how it is developing,” says political science professor Karine Dufour Cauchon.

The humanities will enable the graduate to continue his undergraduate studies in areas such as education, management, law or communications.

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