Zelda: How to Build the Batmobile in Kingdom of Tears

Zelda: How to Build the Batmobile in Kingdom of Tears

Some creations Foolish in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears-There are tons of them. But, every now and then, a player creates a vehicle that can really improve your experience with the game.

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This is the case of the beautiful Batmobile. Several versions are circulating on the web, including this adorable creation on TikTok:

You can try to reproduce this Batmobile yourself, but we found a fairly complete tutorial. It’s not quite the same replica, but the YouTube channel “Games from Mars” makes sure to show the Batmobile in full combat to confirm its effectiveness. It is a machine that allows you to destroy a lot of enemies with very little effort.

How to build the Batmobile in Kingdom Tears

For this release you will need the following artifacts:

  • 3 belts/carts
  • 2 flamethrowers/flame emitter
  • 1 laser launcher/beam emitter
  • 1 rudder / steering stick
  • 4 wheels/big wheels
  • 7 sliders/sleds
  • 1 spring / spring
  • 1 stack/stake
  • 1 Golem Boss / Builder Boss

If the Batmobile isn’t your thing, you can always build a giant death rod. The choice is yours.

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