Teresa Motta, the great Portuguese educator and actress, dies

disappearance – The actress passed away on January 1, at the age of 82. In 1972, she and her husband, playwright Richard DeMarcy, had founded Naïf Théâtre.

Portuguese actress Teresa Motta, wife of playwright Richard DeMarci and mother of actor and theater director Emmanuel DeMarci Motta, died on January 1 in Paris of lung cancer. She was 82 years old. His son, the former director of the City Theater, paid tribute to his memory and talent imbued with high artistic sensitivity: “Teresa was savoring the deeply carved hair in her. She was poetic, strong and kind at the same time, she taught me to watch actresses and actresses.»

In 1972 with her husband Richard DeMarcy, author of experimental plays and sociologist at the Sorbonne, she founded Naïf Théâtre which from its beginnings has been dedicated to organizing contemporary writing directed primarily to the left of the political spectrum.

A community of ideas with Fernando Pessoa

She is 25 years old Teresa Motta and has already been noted in her country for her remarkable composition in Romeo and Juliet Written by William Shakespeare, he decides to leave Portugal and then remains under fascist dictator Antonio Salazar. Emmanuel DeMarci Motta recalled his courage and youthful commitment at the site dedicated to live theatre Sinop: “She knew how to go into exile when she had everything in her country, her wealth and her glory. But she did not want to be recognized by the dictatorial regime.»

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In France, with the company Naïf Théâtre, who feels free to express all her thoughts, you will be the first to take off Maritima poem Written by Fernando Pessoa, a great Portuguese writer and poet with whom she shared the same democratic and liberating impulse.

An interview with Teresa Motta, in 2018, as part of “Portuguese artists, an oral history”

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