YouTubers have been criticized for encouraging the use of food banks

YouTubers have been criticized for encouraging the use of food banks

More and more videos are circulating on YouTube and TikTok encouraging international students to get “free groceries”, which has angered some Canadians.

How do you get free food in Canada? Or “Free food in Canada for students,” these types of videos are rife on social networks.

“Very few people in Canada know it’s possible to order free packed lunches,” might you have heard in one of these videos shared this past June.

Acknowledging that international students may also face higher costs of living, the YouTuber says it is possible to find “free food” during this difficult time.

“In this video, I’m going to collect a free food basket and show you what’s in it and how you can claim it too,” he explains.

After several criticisms, the YouTuber stated that he had only received this basket twice since his arrival in Canada, the second of which was to shoot the video.

“I have a job so I can shop on my own. If you have a job, I would advise you to buy your own groceries.”

About 808,000 international students – who pay high tuition fees – were enrolled in Canada at the end of 2022, according to data from Ottawa.

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