direct. Euro 2024 draw: France will face the Netherlands, Austria and the play-off team! Follow our lives

direct.  Euro 2024 draw: France will face the Netherlands, Austria and the play-off team!  Follow our lives

They will know. The draw for the group stage of the next European Football Championship, Euro 2024, will be held in Hamburg on Saturday, December 2, in Germany from June 14 to July 14. Easy winners in their qualifying campaign, the players of the French national team (European champions in 1984 and 2000) participate with the ambition of erasing the failure of 2021: they were eliminated from the competition in the eighth of the final, and were eliminated by Switzerland on penalties. On Saturday night, they will learn which three opponents they will have to overcome in the first round to try to reach the round of 16.

Enemies of France

Barrel team (Poland, Wales, Finland or Estonia); Holland ; Austria.

Formation of group F

Türkiye, Dam C, Portugal, Czech Republic

Formation of group E

Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, dam operator B

Poland, Wales, Finland or Estonia as France’s fourth opponent

Group D lineup: Al-Wabel (Poland, Wales, Finland or Estonia), Netherlands, Austria, France.

Serbia is in the third group

Formation of the third group: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England.

Italy is in the second group

Group B lineup: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania.

Switzerland is in the first group

Formation of the first group: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland.

Hat 4, here we go! Beware Italy..

France will face its last opponent, in addition to Austria and the Netherlands. There could be Italy!

The Czech Republic is with Türkiye and Portugal in Group F

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Slovakia is in Group E with Belgium and Romania

The Dutch are in Group D with Austria and the Blues

Netherlands in France group!!!

The next opponent to be drawn will be from France…

Slovenia is in Group C with Denmark and England

Croatia is in Group B, which includes Spain and Albania

Scotland is in Group A with Germany and Hungary

The opening match will be between Germany and Scotland.

Türkiye is in Group F with Portugal

Romania is in Group E with Belgium

Austria is in Group D with France

Denmark is in England’s third group

Albania is in Spain’s second group

Hungary is in Group A with Germany

Portugal is in Group Six

Portugal will be in Group F, in third place.

Belgium is in Group E

Belgium will be in Group E, first place.

France is in Group D

France will be in Group D, in fourth place.

England is in the third group

England will play in Group C in fourth place.

Spain is in the second group

Spain will be in Group B in first place.

Hat 1 (French Hat), here we go!

Gigi Buffon will draw the first team.

Official mascot!!

Her name is Albert, Little Bear.

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A new surprise guest arrives…

The organization states the withdrawal rules

Classic formation: 4 hats, 6 teams per hat, one team from each hat will form the groups.

Germany already knows its group

As the host country’s choice, the Mannschaft is already placed in first place in Group A.

The draw will start

Italian Giorgio Marchetti, Secretary General of UEFA, stands in front of the salad bowls holding the balls drawn from the lottery.

We welcome football icons who will host the evening

The Greek Angelos Charistias, the Englishman Steve McManaman, the Dane Brian Laudrup, the Czech Tomas Rosicky, the Portuguese Ricardo Quaresma, the Frenchman Blaise Matuidi, the Dutchman Wesley Sneijder, the German Sami Khedira, and the Spanish David Silva.

Gianluigi Buffon is welcomed to the stage and speaks

The former top keeper for the defending club (175 caps) talks about what the European Championship means to him.

Guy Stephan reports on Didier Deschamps

Before the draw began, Guy Stephane (Deschamps’ assistant in the French national team) announced the news of the coach’s absence for health reasons: “He is better! He will be better in a few days. He will be attentive.” To the draw!

The party is over

The painting ceremony will begin.

A musical session to raise the curtain

Before the draw takes place, a classical music concert is presented to the public. It is also about honoring the location of the raffle, which will take place at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

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The beginning of the ceremony

The evening was moderated by a married couple: German broadcaster Esther Sedalczyk and Portuguese-American journalist Pedro Pinto.

Blues: A bad memory to erase

During the last Euro tournament, in 2021, the Tricolors fell from a height, being eliminated in the round of 16 by Switzerland on penalties.

The party starts at 6 p.m

As with any party, especially in the world of football, the evening is subject to strict protocol. The drawing is scheduled to begin shortly before 6:30 p.m.

The absence of Didier Deschamps

After undergoing surgery and suffering from back pain, the France national team coach will not attend this ceremony, which is being held in Hamburg. France is thus represented by Guy Stephan, assistant coach, as well as Philippe Diallo, president of the French Football Federation.

Who are the opponents of France?

The Blues will face one of the teams from each of the other three Caps.

Configuration of hats

France appears in Pot 1, and will be protected by seed placement.

10 host cities

The competition will be held in 10 different stadiums.

Competition next summer in Germany

Next year’s Euro Championship is scheduled to be held in Germany from June 14 to July 14.

Good evening everyone!

Welcome to this live commentary to follow the Euro 2024 group stage draw live.

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