When Rachid Zeroual invites himself to RMC’s “Steven Time” to fire up the Marseille strikers

When Rachid Zeroual invites himself to RMC’s “Steven Time” to fire up the Marseille strikers

Rachid Zeroual, the strong leader of the South Winners team, appeared on the “Steven Time” program on RMC before the French League match between Strasbourg and Olympique on Saturday evening. The opportunity to intervene greatly on Marseille’s attackers… who did not shine in this process.

A message to be conveyed, and given the match that followed, an almost pre-emptive one. Rachid Zeroual, coach of the winners of the south and a ubiquitous figure in Marseille, appeared on RMC on Saturday, a few minutes before the start of the match between Strasbourg and Marseille (1-1). In the middle of the discussion about Gennaro Gattuso’s team in the show Stephen Time, your multi-sport event on Saturday, Steven Bron and his gang thought they would give the floor to Romain, a Marseille fan. But after a short introduction, the latter immediately handed over his phone… to the “honored guest” Rachid Zeroual. At RMC, the winners’ team manager spoke about the complex situation of the Marseille club, destroying Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Vitinha in the process.

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“With Aubameyang, OM is a nursing home.”

“I’m fine, but I was hoping the club was in good shape, not me. We can’t be patient with Aubameyang, it’s not possible. It’s Club Med, he came after retirement. With him, ‘Hom is a nursing home.’ He went to the wrong club. He was in England, and he had to stay there. We wanted to play at the top of the table. “I don’t see what the reason is.” He came to our house. “I don’t expect a miracle. I’m not asking for booing, it’s not his fault… he took advantage. But we did not sign Cristiano Ronaldo. “I don’t care about his contract, but if he’s honest about himself, he leaves his place for a more qualified young man.”

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As always without a tongue, he also attacked Vitinha, who has produced a string of disappointing performances since arriving for €32m in January 2023. For Zeroual, the Portuguese is simply “overrated”. “I’m lost. This makes us laugh, but it’s the harsh truth. Since the beginning of the season, I dared to stand up to the management, not wanting to upset them. I was the first to cry. In addition, we were forced to pay an additional 10 euros (for the entry) for the Champions League Europe… We dared to say that I threatened (Pablo) Longoria’s family and he is not married and has no children… My passion will remain the same, I love my team, but I am difficult for the club, not for the people.”

Rachid Zeroual, who had been a regular for years at Marseille, found himself at the center of discussions in September after the famous meeting between representatives of fan associations and Marseille staff. He has been described as one of the most ferocious people and one of the first to threaten “war” to push the administration to resign. He has since spoken about the matter in an interview with RMC Sport, where he confirmed that there had never been any death threats and confirmed renewed contact with Pablo Longoria.

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