When do we notice this unexpected astronomical phenomenon?

When do we notice this unexpected astronomical phenomenon?

At the end of June, the sky will be illuminated by showers of stars falling from the Bootids. Here’s everything you need to know to properly observe this astronomical phenomenon.

After the meteor showers of Eta Lyrides, Eta Aquarids, and Tau-Herculides, It’s Bootides’ turn to light up our skies. What is the meteor shower about? When is its peak expected? The answers are in this article.

Apotheosis of June

The Bootid meteor shower comes from the debris of Comet 7P/Pons-Winnecke. According to our colleagues from Futura ScienceThis comet was first observed by French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons in 1812, and a second time by astronomer August Winnick in 1858.

Like every year, this shower of stars will occur from the end of June (22/06) to the beginning of July (03/07), with a apex Scheduled for Monday, June 27 at 12:14 p.m.. This shower of falling stars has little peculiarity, which could have had a huge impact on its observation.

slow meteors

According to astronomers, the speed of the meteorites will be 18 km / s, which is considered to be very slow in astronomical terms. But what distinguishes this rain from the previous one is its unpredictable aspect: in fact, The number of meteors that can be observed varies greatly from year to yearso it is impossible to know if such an event would be spectacular, like the Quadrantides for example.

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