What is the MHE viral disease detected on French farms?

What is the MHE viral disease detected on French farms?

After bird flu, a new animal epidemic threatens France. First cases Epidemic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) It has been detected in cattle on three farms located in the Atlantic Pyrenees (in Hasparin and Etchebar) and the Haute-Pyrenees (near Lannimesan).

the Ministry of Agriculture This information was confirmed via a press release on Thursday, following the results transmitted by the National Reference Laboratory for Animal Health in Maisons-Alfort (ANSES).

What is epidemic hemorrhagic disease (EHD)?

Epidemic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is Viral disease It affects wild ruminants (especially deer) and domestic ruminants (cattle but also sheep and goats). It is transmitted by a small biting fly such as colicoides.

the Symptoms of MHE It is very similar to that of bluetongue (BCF), with fever, weight loss, mouth lesions, and breathing difficulties. “It generates very low mortality.”reassures the Ministry of Agriculture.

There is no vaccine against MHE. It is not transmitted to humans.

Ministry of Higher Education of the Basque Country: Virus from Spain?

Known since 1995 in north americaBut also in Australia, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, this disease has been observed in southern Europe, Italy, Portugal and Italy. Spain.

Thus, the virus has crossed the Pyrenees Mountains to reach France, which does not constitute a surprise, according to the Ministry of Agriculture: “In the Iberian Peninsula, monitoring of cases in wildlife and on ruminant farms revealed a gradual increase from south to north and east between 2022 and 2023. The last cases recorded by the Spanish authorities were identified at the end of August less than 100 kilometers from the border. French”.

According to ANSES, this expansion of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education towards the north is a direct result of Global WarmingThis makes it easier for the midges responsible for transmitting the infection to survive.

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MHE being a The disease is regulated at the European level With the mandatory declaration, France will have to act like all affected countries to try to limit its spread. “Measures to manage this disease are being taken by the Ministry’s departments in cooperation with professional organizations.”The Ministry indicates.

Consequences for education and the economy

In addition to the consequences for animal health, the access of the Ministry of Education carries risks Livestock economics In the southwest.

After discovering the three houses Animal movements To the European Union countries and thus it is completely or partially stopped Several sections : Atlantic Pyrenees, Haute-Pyrenees, Gers, Haute-Garonne, all of Arièges, Gironde, Lot and Garonne, Tarn and Garonne, Tarn, Aude and Pyrenees Oriental. There is still uncertainty to be resolved for the Landes Division, which is listed on both lists in the department’s press release.

But the Ministry of Agriculture confirms that it has already begun thinking with professional organizations about ways to do this Relaunching exports So that an entire sector is not punished.

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