What can influencers gain from AI?

What can influencers gain from AI?

It is now possible to become multilingual with just a few clicks thanks to artificial intelligence. Donald Trump speaks fluent French, General de Gaulle switches from Hindi to Portuguese with a snap of his fingers, Marie-Sophie Lacarrão presents the news in Spanish… Many videos of this kind have flooded the Internet in recent months, and they have all gone viral. They were implemented using the HeyGen tool It is a tool based on artificial intelligence.

This new tool had a shock wave effect. However, its complexity remains relatively, which explains the popularity of videos using it. According to David Reichman, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Paris: “A product like HeyGen is very simple, it combines sound reproduction with lip-sinking technology [la synchronisation des lèvres] “. The artificial intelligence specialist from the Parisian agency explains that although lip sinking has been around for a long time, it is the combination of the two technologies that gives the tool its power.

The world at your fingertips

Among the sectors that can benefit from this type of tool is the marketing influence sector, whose content can be transmitted without borders thanks to artificial intelligence. For Stéphane Bouillet, CEO of Influence4you, this desire to internationalize content has not waited for AI but supports the interest of the tool and what it can offer to creators. “There is the example of MisterBeast, who has managed to export himself into all languages. Conversely, a creator like Khaby Lame has made the absence of language a trademark of his videos, which is how he achieved success as we know it. [162 millions d’abonnés sur TikTok] »He explains.

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Despite the tools available, the issue of internationalization of content creators conflicts with the problem of cultural relevance. “You can put all the artificial intelligence on the ground. Influencers can’t address all countries and all cultures as simple as that. Analyzes David Reichman. However, for more formal communications from the CEO, the use of these techniques allows you to reach a larger number of people, which implies a certain neutrality from a cultural point of view. » Despite the language, the references used and the world in which the influencer expresses themselves present significant limitations. “Now, knowing this AI exists, a creator can imagine and share content in a new language and target a new audience.”Add Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Paris.

Its effect on substance is greater than its effect on form

For its part, Webpedia, which has a large pool of talent, does not want to deprive itself of these tools. “Our vision is to say that AI will now help with content creation; confirms Raphaël Demnard, Managing Director of Webedia Créateurs. On the other hand, the initial core value, which is seizing the idea and putting it in context, will still be the creation of the creator. » If some YouTubers will use AI tools to create their own thumbnails, it shows that AI currently occupies more space in the substance of content creation (the subject matter of the videos) than in the form (technical aspects). “Retaining and developing an audience also involves being up to date and aware of the latest trends. For example, there are videos from creators that we have been able to support on concepts like ‘I asked AI to run my entire day.’ These videos use AI as content Simply entertaining.”

The use of new technologies also raises the question of the validity of the relationship between the creator and his audience. “Today, we are in an influential world where creative people have value because they have their own vocabulary, editorial line, and way of speaking to their community. We have to maintain that authenticity.”insists Rafael Damnar. According to him, we must not lose the connection between talent and its community. “Creators use these AI products carefully because they don’t want to feel like they’re letting their community down », he adds. After failing to find new audiences using AI and innovation in new content creation techniques, influencers seem to want to focus on their existing audience, which is increasingly difficult to retain.

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