Notion surprises with amazing artificial intelligence

Notion surprises with amazing artificial intelligence

assistant. This is how Notion wants to define it, even if the views override it. On Thursday, November 16, the American note-taking app passed a new milestone in its development with the arrival of Notion AI, a tool that will improve over time to allow you to create virtual notes for yourself. On the platform, it has been appreciated for a large number of uses, the Brainstorming Like writing entire blog posts that can now be delegated to an AI based program.

The current beta is still only available for internal teams, but the waiting list is now there (already 50,000 people have signed up) to be among the first to test the idea of ​​AI. Few journalists managed to reach him in the last hours. Media’s David Pearce the edge In the United States, about the possibilities of using the tool after trying it. He wanted to point out that the content generated, especially for the blog post, contains many errors, but that is the case The general thoughts were correct.

What Notion AI can do for you

The range of capabilities offered by Notion AI is still enough to impress anyone who has never used a tool of this kind (Google with Wordcraft, Jasper, or Grammarly). When you open a new page, Notion AI presents itself as a set of new actions displayed under the main heading. Among them: creating a list of advantages and disadvantages in a topic, writing an email (recruitment, sales, etc.), or even writing a blog article. journalist from the edge Show the possibility of more specific tasks, such as “Provide the ranking of the best Formula 1 teams”.

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How does Notion AI work? As with other tools, AI will rely on the web to obtain accurate information about topics, before curating it. But the San Francisco company wants to remain confidential and doesn’t provide any details about its suppliers for the technical part. It already seems like they’re out of the idea. The public release of the tool does not have a specific date. “Wait until next year.”Just said Evan Zhao, CEO of Notion. “He is convinced that generative AI is moving from a scientific project to a consumer tool today.”David Pearce retained it after it was cashed out.

Why go through the waiting list? In an FAQ, Notion explained its choice not to roll out Notion AI directly to all of its users for the good simple reason that the tool has yet to be trained, but will need guinea pigs to refine itself. “We are slowly rolling out Notion AI to ensure the quality of AI-generated content remains high and to get your early feedback to inform future features. We will open this feature up to more people as our AI improves.”

20 million users

The company said in early July that Notion had more than 20 million users, without giving details on the number of active users. On the other hand, according to him, they will be 4 million to subscribe to a paid offer – for a turnover of $ 67 million in 2021. The growth is there: in 2019, the platform barely passed the million mark. In France, the rollout accelerated after the announcement of Notion France, which is just a localized version of the platform in English.

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In December last year, Lemon squeezer published a Comments on some Notion features At this time, it is perfect for both professional and personal use. Notion AI is one of the major innovations launched since then. But in the meantime, the platform continues to improve itself thanks to the support of its community. Unlike closed software, the tool seeks to rely on users to provide the new Molds.

To join the Notion AI Alpha waitlist, click here.

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