Football: Portuguese Le Touquet Crisis (B)

Football: Portuguese Le Touquet Crisis (B)

On the ground of an already relegated team, Portuguese side Porto from Amiens were serious and enjoyed the eventual 0-10 victory.

The Portuguese immediately takes the match from the right end. And if the first two or three chances don’t hit the target, Benjamin The counter opens after the end of the first quarter of the hour (0-1, 18′). Since then, the people of Amiens have opened up, already to the point of leadership 0-6 During the break.

The magnitude of the score could have raised concerns for simple relaxation. “It’s not necessarily easy when the score starts to go up, players sometimes get into things that aren’t football.” he admits Benoit storboa. Nothing will happen. With Touquettoise defending tighter in front of his own goal and some clumsiness at the end, the second half score didn’t increase as much as in the first, but still rose to 0-10.

Proof that“We played from start to finish.” And that in the second half Everyone was strict. » It is clear that the Amiens coach is emerging from this penultimate meeting Really satisfied content “. From now on, he moved to Michelet in a week to finish the season against Nogent.

Le Touquet (B) – Porto Amiens : 0-10 (0-6)

Goals: Njamin (18 points), Desbois (25º, 44º, 65º, 84º), Reynolds (28º), Ribeiro (32º), da Vega (40º, 73º), Cissé (60º) .

Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Idez, Njamen (Wable 46 ′), Seguenebou, Siradjidini – Facquier, Ribeiro – Da Veiga, Despois, Poidevin (Cissé 46 ′) – Reynold

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Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Sports Gazette (archive)

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