“We Paid Twice for the House”: A Family Living Hell with Their Renovations

“We Paid Twice for the House”: A Family Living Hell with Their Renovations

The Pelissier-Marcotte family did not want to expose their children to this reality, and they had to find temporary accommodation. “We live in dirt, we live in debris, we don’t have a quality of life. The work is long, and new flaws are discovered each time”, denounces Felix Pelissier.

Among the hidden faults were, in particular, the improperly executed roof extension and electrical wiring dating back four generations. There is also a water leak in the basement, poorly installed windows, and mold in the wall.

“Everything visible in the house was right, but everything invisible and hidden was missing. We do some work and after we move in, but roughly speakingWe paid for the house twice,” says the father of the family.

It is clear that these misadventures have a great impact on the financial health of the family. “The bill can range from $15,000 to $75,000,” Mr. Pelissier’s photo.

“We spend the whole summer in a symphony of piling up problems.”

Felix Pelissier

And the family cannot count on her insurance to breathe a little. “The claims adjuster came and told us it was not included. Our bathroom was on the second floor and below that was the ground floor bathroom. She told us it was only a matter of time before the bathroom fell off.” [à l’étage d’en-dessous]. “There was a lot of mold,” explains Céline Marcotte.

While Felix Pelissier does not want to place all the blame on the inspection report, he believes it contains some shortcomings. “The inspector couldn’t tell that the walls were rotten, because he couldn’t make holes,” he says.

If the family finds temporary accommodation, they will have to leave within a week and a half, as the people who have loaned their accommodation will have to return to it.

To make up for their losses, the family organized a campaign com. gofundme. While the goal for this campaign is $15,000, it has already raised just over $7,000 at the time of this writing.

See Frederic Bacon’s report in the corresponding video.

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