‘Predictable and preventable’: student dies on UK club waiting list

‘Predictable and preventable’: student dies on UK club waiting list

The prosecutor said the death of a 20-year-old student who fatally hit her head while queuing to enter a popular club after an “inadequate” barrier gave way a second time, was “expectable and preventable”.

“By rebuilding this barrier and allowing the waiting list to continue, we are saying they have allowed the circumstances that led to Olivia’s death to continue,” Durham County Council’s attorney general said on Monday. Jimmy Hill is suing one of the UK’s biggest publicists according to various local media.

In February 2018, young Olivia Burt was standing in line in Durham, England, to attend a student party at a Missoula pub when a decorative barrier, used to contain the queue, allegedly gave way due to the dense crowd.

In her fall, the young woman had slammed herself against the edge of the metal barrier, under the weight of other individuals being dragged down by the movement.

“She had an insurmountable head injury,” the BBC quoted the public prosecutor as saying.

However, the decorative barrier should not be used in this way, as it was not “appropriate” for this type of use, at the discretion of the Public Prosecutor before the Court, for his part, “The Guardian”.

What’s more, the heavy structure could have fallen for the first time just 30 minutes earlier, requiring four people to straighten it: an “important missed opportunity” to get it out of the crowd, the attorney general reiterated, adding that the structure was “really unsuitable” for management. The crowds, have been further weakened.”

The Missoula Bar’s parent company, Stonegate Pub Company, will in turn defend itself over the next few weeks of the trial.

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