Ursula Luo Jin, the forgotten priestess of science fiction, returns in her majesty

The American novelist, who disappeared four years ago, is remembered in our fond memories. Several works, including the complete “Orsinia”, allow us to rediscover his unclassifiable works, well versed in poetry as well as politics.

The place of Ursula Le Guin (1929-2018) is becoming more and more known, the number of publications of her books has doubled, and we can not help but be happy. Here are three new examples: Two collections of short stories and their first state. to know integrated ursinia, which includes his first novel, malavrina, Written in the 1950s and not published until 1979; A collection of short stories that take place in the same universe, Orsenian Chronicles; And some other texts, including several songs. Once we regret the absence of the wonderful cash machine that generally accompanies the Integrales collection books of Mnemos Editions, we can only happily indulge in this beginner’s course, if it does not yet have a splendor icommen or ground Exciting rediscovery.

Orsinia is a fictional country in Central Europe (even if Hungary is somewhat easy to recognize), and it is very rooted in the history and culture of eastern countries – a little, and a little less cheerful, like Syldavia and Borduria in Ghost Ottokar by Herge. The records Invite us to follow its development from the Middle Ages to the Stalinist terror (named the 1956 Hungarian uprising), while malavrina, which takes place on the nineteenthAnd Century, depicts the idealistic young man, Itali Sorde, besieged in the revolution against the Austrian government.

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