Serbian film rewarded at the Black Film Festival

Serbian film “Have you seen this woman?” By Mateja Glosevic and Dusan Zurić win the Black Film Critics’ Prize in Geneva. The 24th International Independent Film Festival drew nearly 30,000 people, about 5,000 more over the course of one year.

On Sunday, organizers said the demonstration “was able to get a taste of the return to normal life after the pandemic.” But the coronavirus has expanded the festival’s approach. Almost half of the films were also shown online.

For ten days, the audience was able to enjoy 91 productions from more than 50 countries. In addition to the films, discussions, workshops or concerts that promoted the Geneva meeting.

The organizers noted the “continuous” attraction of the South Korean business. Visiting Iranian and Iranian filmmakers attracted large audiences. Another success according to the organizers, Petit Black Movie appealed to young and old alike.

The Critics’ Prize, of 5,000 francs, was awarded to Mateja Glosevic and Dusan Zurić. Their film honors a woman who is “marginalized in our society,” says the jury. Of particular note was the Rwandan film Father’s Day, directed by Kivu Rohurahosa.

The Youth Prize of 1,000 francs went to the Vietnamese film Children of the Fog, directed by Ha Le Diem. Petit Black Movie, which received the same amount, won the short film “Ice Merchants” by Portuguese director Joao Gonzalez. A special memory was honored by the film “White-White Day” by Vasily Chirkov. For its part, the Children’s Prize commended the Chinese animated short film “Beyond the Fog” written by Xue Feng and Han Xu. The next edition will be held from January 19 to 28, 2024, according to the organizers.

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