Allergies: A brutal return of summer and severe symptoms for ten days

Allergies: A brutal return of summer and severe symptoms for ten days

Itchy eyes, runny nose, itchy throat … The symptoms are typical. Allergy sufferers are especially suffering right now.

For two weeks, we’ve had a large number of patients with what’s called hay fever, so rhinitis and conjunctivitisOlivier Michel, a pulmonologist and allergist, confirms. This number of patients is increasing more and more, with particularly severe symptoms this year“Not to mention the fatigue, which is sometimes great and underestimating,”With symptoms similar to a type of flu. Flu, but it will not last three or four days, but two and a half months. “

this year, Those who suffer from it feel more affected than usual. True or Flase ? “againstIt is true that the symptoms were particularly severe for a good ten days. This year the climate was very bad, and for about ten days we had a sudden return of summer, with very sharp pollination, and very high rates of pollen, and therefore associated with a heavy exposure to pollen. It is logical that the symptoms are much more severe than in the normal period corresponding to the season.

And with global warming, new pollen previously confined to the Mediterranean region is moving north. “ExampleOlivier Michel says, This is the pollen of the olive trees or the pollen of the cypress which was confined to the edge of the Mediterranean and which is now found in central France. We can say that in a few years, we will have it here in Belgium. “

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