Two visitors destroy ancient rock formations at a protected site

Two visitors destroy ancient rock formations at a protected site

Two suspects are actively sought for damaging ancient rock formations at a protected site on Lake Mead, Nevada.

Footage from a video that went viral on social media shows two people in a large recreation area of ​​the ancient rock formations of Lake Mead having fun dropping large pieces of rock.

The rocks then fall in a cloud of dust before the eyes of an aide's unruly daughter, who nearly falls when she loses her balance, CNN reported Monday.

An appeal has been launched for witnesses to identify the two vandal suspects who caused irreparable damage to these rock formations, who face prison sentences and heavy fines.

“Why the hell would you do this to such a beautiful place? This is one of my favorite places in the park and they're destroying it. I don't understand,” protested John Hynes, a spokesman for the entertainment district, speaking to CNN affiliate KVVU.

Hines encourages visitors to document what they see and gather information that can help rangers identify unruly people and report them to park authorities.

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