Too bad, we won’t see the sea by Michel Bettetante Théâtre de Vienne

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it’s history from Two men run a bistro in northern France, amid fields of beetroot and potatoes.

They just found each other. El’Biloute is a chti, Thiago of Portuguese descent. By preparing and serving a “meal” to bistro customers, they tell their memories and the sea is never far away. The atmosphere is not nice and warm.

In a cabaret atmosphere

In its latest creation for the season, François Ponsard Theater transforms the evening space into a village bistro: a meeting place, co-living, and cultural space

In sharing where we drink, eat, sing, dance….

In this current period where we sorely lack social bonds and direct contact with one another, this show will be a breath of fresh and healthy sea air.

At the origin of the creation of this improvised musical show, there was first a collusion between two friends who, before setting off into the world of entertainment and concerts, tour to bid farewell to the audience before borrowing other character tracks.

Then there is a meeting with a clever and intelligent theater director, author and director who decides to compose a script for them that matches the aspirations of our outspoken collaborators, before showing them at the Vienna Theatre.

The result was happy, but what preoccupies the viewer with a title that requires some preliminary interpretation?

Don’t bother because the story is delicious. he’s walking On the winding roads of Brittany, Jean-Michel and Bruno decided to turn around to see the sea. Lost in the middle of the night without ever reaching the shore, one of them, a philosopher in his spare time, exclaims: “Too bad, we won’t see the sea!”

In this colourful, heart-wrenching cabaret show that isn’t far from sad, styluses, humorous text and the Michel Peltante Theater will be there to set the beat. For their part, the cheerfulness and liveliness of our bistro musicians will delight us with their vivid anecdotes, songs from the repertoire. for live music.

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Undoubtedly, spectators will spend an excellent evening listening to the guitar and accordion of the musicians – bistro, sometimes solo or duet.

Another element that contributes greatly to the success of this generous show, the clever decor by Hervé Jabveneau and trompe l’oeil paintings by Roger Bonet, which transformed the stage into a welcoming bistro.

Regulars at the Bistro and Théâtre François Bonsard should not be particularly concerned, because two of our fellow musicians and singers, will guarantee a real meal service in three acts, which will blend the typical flavors of the North and Portuguese colors and make the retreat of the songs of yesteryear like “Girls on the edge of mer “from Adamo,” When the sea risesBy Raul de Gudiwarsvelde or other nuggets that will surprise you.

Gerrard series

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