To end the labor shortage

For several months, it was on everyone’s lips. Labor shortage. They are found everywhere, in Europe as in the United States and here.

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But in 2019, the workforce is everywhere. In restaurants, shops, offices, public services and hospitals. We arrived somewhere, she welcomed us. We called somewhere, she answered us. Wherever we went, she served us. It has always been this way, and you never thought it would change.

Then the epidemic arrived. Governments shut down everything. everybody. Restaurants, shops and offices. Sort without! The workforce has been laid off! But with a salary! I paid to stay at home. One week, two weeks, one month, two months, six months, one year, two years on CERB, the Canada Emergency Benefit, which became PCP, the Canadian Permanent Benefit.

Then the epidemic was gone. Well, not really, but we pretended. What do you want, we are bored! We always end up getting bored.

An epidemic is like a love affair, at first you just think about it. We are totally obsessed with it. Our whole life revolves around it. All of our habits have been completely overturned because of this. Nothing is done the same way anymore. Leave it all room.

You give us an appointment at 1pm, we stop everything, we’re there at 1pm. You give us an appointment at 6pm, we stop everything, we’re there at 6pm. She tells us we have to stay locked up, at home, just with her. We just stay locked in the house with her. She tells us not to go out after 10 pm. We don’t go out after 10 pm. She tells us not to go to bars anymore and not to Ceremony. We don’t go to bars anymore, and we don’t Ceremony. She wants us to wear different clothes, to wear a mask. We dress differently, we wear a mask. She doesn’t want anyone to hang out with anyone else. We no longer cling to anyone else. She just wants us to spend the holiday with her. We just spend the holidays with her. We do all this obediently, because we are sure that there is nothing more important than her.

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But in the long run, we end up coming back. His name doesn’t impress us much anymore. You may keep making waves, we want to go swimming somewhere else. We realize that there is not only she in life. We come back to see other people, so that we hug them, and even kiss them. Our existence resumes its normal course. Can not go on all the time, complete self-sacrifice. Passion for love and fear of infection have an expiration date.

So after about 20 months, the governments reopened everything. Restaurants, shops and amenities. he goes! he goes! he goes! here we go again ! Ventilate yourself! We got stuck everywhere. Come, come, serve us! Boy ? miss?

Come on… no service! The workforce no longer exists. No longer working. The workforce is gone. Is it a PCU fault? Is Felix right? The best way to kill a man is to pay him to do nothing. Has work become a dead hand?

of course not ! The workforce is still alive. It’s just that we don’t know where you’ve gone anymore.

It should be noted that there are still people in companies. All the bosses are there. But employers are not workers. Presidents are leaders. Not necessarily masterpieces. But the leaders. They work, but we don’t see them. We never see them. The workforce is the workers we see working. Well, we’ve seen.

All the others with jobs on the upper floors, with good pay, are also back. The missing are those who have stressful jobs, jobs that are not easy, jobs with lower salaries. Those, we wonder why we lost them.

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They did this by telling them to reinvent themselves. Today we would like them to go back to our old inventions.

To justify the payment of wages for goods, it has always been said that it is a matter of the balance of power. There aren’t many people who can do the boss’s job, so treat him well. We now realize that not many people are capable of doing the job of a humble employee, so we should treat him well. Suddenly, we became aware of the usefulness of each.

Absentees are always right. The profession of a nurse has never been so highly valued since there has been a shortage of it.

Prevert said we perceive happiness through the noises you make when you leave. The underlying factor is recognized in the same way.

The labor shortage is causing a lot of fuss.

The only epidemic that will not go away is an epidemic.

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